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Keep and eye out for the events happening this weekend in Denver and Jupiter. More later this month and early next month...flyers below. Always updated and always supporting the good. The Come Up got with Tom Villarreal for an entertaining bike check. Coplon 3's never letting you down, always great pics, always 3 of them. February Flatland by Master Blaster Planet, Chad D in a Kids book called Cycling doing an X foot nose wheelie. Matt Closson upright to whip pic and his lil instavid is crazy, check it. Cool cubes and camo backpacks new products for this week. Chad D and the ride out. Love this pic by Coplon for the Moment of Zen. -Chad D


Tom Villarreal is a bad ass. Nate Richter met up with him at Cherry Park in Long Beach and had him tell us all about his dialed Deco and Madera set up while he clocked some clips on the flat ledges.

The latest downtown Tampa rental bikes are dialed. Thanks to @coastbikeshare for hooking up #tampa and #ybor. They also serve as dialed stationary obstacles. Pic by @markmulville #bmx #decobmx #profileracing #folklorebrand #etniesbmx #fun #flbmx #tbrbmx #choosetampa

Coplon Coast Hop

Dodging heavy rains and sweating to the oldies....10am wall to tabe this weekend via @matt_coplon care of @markmulville #bmx #decobmx #profileracing #folklorebrand #etniesbmx #fun #flbmx #tbrbmx #choosetampa
Coplon Wall to Tabe Turtle Ditch
Dodging puddles, @matt_coplon with a 50/50 to thread the needle. Or, threading a palm tree and a wall. Pic care of @markmulville #bmx #decobmx #profileracing #folklorebrand #etniesbmx #fun #flbmx #tbrbmx #choosetampa
Coplon Rail Thread
 Check out CHAD DEGROOT featured in a kids book called "CYCLING" out of London England. Osbourne publishing company's own Hazel Maskell liked this photo taken at Woodward Camp the summer of 2013. Pic by: Josh McElwee. 
  • A guide to the exhilarating world of cycling, from mountain biking to the Tour de France.
  • Children can enter the world of professional cyclists, including classic road races, mountain climbs, amazing BMX tricks and more.
  • Internet links allow readers to access more information online via carefully selected and monitored websites with exciting video clips and information about cycling as a sport.
  • With dramatic photographs, detailed diagrams and cartoon-strip stories, this book is ideal for readers who prefer real-life action to fiction.

MATT CLOSSON uprail to whip pic by @galacticseabass

Matt Closson uprail to whip


February Flatland in Florida 2015 by MASTER BLASTER PLANET with W.I.S.E. Freestyle
W.I.S.E. Freestyle had a couple of flatland events in the month of February in the Orlando FL area to bring Central Florida flatland riders together for some fun in the sun. Riders in this video include Chad DeGroot, Marcos Paulos De Jesus, Scott Weaver, Bob Walter, Kip Williamson, Chris Babin, Kirk Bailey, and Justin Falco. Stay tuned to the W.I.S.E. Freestyle Facebook page for more upcoming events.

February Flatland in Florida 2015 by MASTER BLASTER PLANET with W.I.S.E. Freestyle from MASTER BLASTER PLANET on Vimeo.

Leave it up to MATT COPLON to find a spot like this. "Owe this isolated spot to @markmulville as well as the picture. @matt_coplon barring the remains of an old pier of the southern tip of Tampa Bay. Seek and you will find. #bmx #decobmx #profileracing #choosetampa #flbmx #tbrbmx" -Matt Coplon

Coplon Bar Ft. Desoto


Full count 600 Denier
Zippered main compartment
Side water bottle pocket
Front compartment features and 
organizer and key fob
Color matched hardware
Adjustable strap
17'' x 11'' x 6'' 

buy now tab

Deco camo backpack

These stainless steel cool cubes bring new meaning to the word "chill." This sleek version of ice puts the chill in your drink without the melted water. Simply freeze and drop them into your favorite whiskey, wine or cocktail. These sophisticated cocktail cubes chill your drink without diluting the taste. The modern stainless design gives any drink an elegant look with a chilled result. Set of 3.

Cool cubesCool cubs in glass

Here are the upcoming events we are helping out with...

Bring your own bike series Pusher BMX blood n guts flyer 10168193_10152975512785049_643009098743202149_n  Great American Ride Fest 2014_FLBMX_FlyerV2-624x624


Moment of ZEN

Tampa legend

Pic by: Matt Coplon @matt_coplon


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