#decobmx, Thomas Noyer year ago, Mat Olson busting Denver, Terry Adams spins n bars, Matt Coplon in Miami

Is summer here or what? Sorry all of you still getting the sky dandruff...but to start we have Coplon and crew in Miami. Mat Olson on that rail hop, busting Denver, and instavids galore. Lee Musselwhite and his Eagle trick. Closson throw aways, Coplon, TA hitchhiker spins, Thomas Noyer from a year ago...and the new TA action with some hot hands. #decobmx  MATT COPLON @matt_coplon tire riding over some skate stops on his pizza cutters. Pic care of @markmulville #decobmx #profileracing #bmx Coplon double tire white ledge MAT OLSON sweet whip and a rail hop getting his street cred @matuptobat Thanks to @cameronasa Cameron Muilenburg #decobmx #matknowsdeco Mat Olson rail hop Mat Olson sweet whip  

Denver bound or bust

  A star bound whirlwind adventure spanning from Texas to Denver and back. We left the frigid Texas climate and set out towards Denver to attend the Blood and Guts contest. Weather had us like damn... But things heated up across Colorado state lines. We were able to stop and ride Duncan Gore's backyard ramp. The dude is so dialed, he has a few in this one. Jeremy Dann, Bo Williamson, and Nic Bonner take a few laps on the ramp and at Memorial park in Colorado Springs after the contest. ENJOY! LEE MUSSELWHITE riding in his underground spot. Came up with this one which he calls "The Eagle", like a magic trick. Photos by: @Nickwotton Lee Musselwhite BMX? #decobmx Lee 18.3.2015 lee portrait 2 18.3.2015 poster info    Great American Ride Fest 2014_FLBMX_FlyerV2-624x624Bring your own bike series  

BMX - Blood and Guts Pro Highlights BMX Competition

Oh to be the middle man where your required to make two sides work. Don’t let yourself think about it.  Not over-built or under-built, just the right gauge. The simplest things are always the best.  This is one of them. Stainless steel spokes 14 Gauge Sizes: 184mm,  186mm, and 188mm Colors: Black or Silver 40pc per bag Weight 6.6 oz for 40pk MSRP $16.99 buy now tab Deco.-spokes-b+w-wnips1 You don’t want to piss off the man, specially when his bike has no ACTION BARS. Good thing Deco has stepped it up and added a PC sleeve over an alloy peg. Grind everything likes its covered with wax or grease. Keep it greasy and don’t stress when they wear down, replaceable sleeves put you back in the ACTION. -6061 Alloy 4? body 2.3 oz. Diameter 30mm outside -PC plastic 4? sleeve 1.5 oz. Diameter 38mm outside -Total weight of both 3.8 oz. -14mm hole with 10mm-14mm adaptor included -17mm or 19mm socket compatible Peg combo sold individually or as singles. Sleeves sold as singles for replacement also. MSRP $16.99 Replacement PC sleeve $4.99 buy now tab Deco-pc-pegs-on-table Moment of ZEN 11063003_1084247908260717_1644241968_n www.decobmx.comDECObrandofyear2014 decobridge-2

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