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START this weeks post with a little rant about an asshole who lays cement near my shop in Longwood Florida. Was riding home the other day minding my own business then with quick reaction realized I ran through we cement. No signs, no warnings, nothing but quick reaction once my front wheel was getting eaten I lifted up before flipping over and breaking my ass and my laptop in my backpack. Could not believe this happened. Then I looked over and saw two dudes with their heads down as I screamed a bunch of shit, pulled out my camera and snapped the Moment of ZEN pic below. As I was doing that he grabbed a garbage can and his tools to smooth it over. One pinch flat tire, tons of cement all over myself and my bike, and a pissed off human. It took everything in myself to not go back and finger in the wet cement done twice F YOU. There you go. Now to really start this with Cody Perry and Tom Villarreal split edit. Matt Closson DIG exclusive from Vegas. Mat Olson trails life. Tom V and the gap Tbog. Chad bar dip in the middle east. Profile Z coaster. BMX Plus and Decades column I do each month...pick up a copy and enjoy. NEW REAL LEATHER WALLETS AND ERGO SEATS OUT NOW. Also please enjoy the Instavids for this week, good stuff for sure. #DECOBMX tag a friend and spread the word. -Chad D
Check out this split edit from TOM VILLARREAL and CODY SCOTT PERRY Matt Closson DIG Matt Closson took to the streets of Sin City for his Spring 2015 DIG exclusive. Filmed entirely within the confines of Las Vegas, Nevada and Matt logged his footage before the brutal summer heat had a chance to set in. This should serve as an appetizer for his section in Blunted's upcoming 'Forever Rolling' DVD due out later in the year. Deco BMX @decobmx BLNTD @bluntedathletics Stacked BMX Shop @stackedbmxshop Song: Curtis Mayfield - Freddie's Dead Subscribe to our channel and visit our website for more BMX videos - MATT OLSON seasoning the Texass trails with dubs by @hbilbreezy wild whip style for sure. @matuptobat ?#?decobmx? Mat Olson wild whip Mat Olson and @hbilbreeezy   TOM VILLARREAL crazy step up gap and over the guard rail to the street with a TBOG in there. @tomvillarreal pic by @codyscottperry #decobmx check out Tom and Cody on the gram and also check out Tom's LIFTED frame and bars Tom V tbog gap by @codyscottperry Hot NEW leather items just arrived. Check out the ERGO pivotal seat with camo real leather and branded logo $75 and the wallets with rivots and logo patch made from sheep skin $40 (picture shows front, back, and open. Deco wallets with patch New arrivals Deco ergo pivotal seats camo branded buy now tab CHAD DEGROOT Had to take it to the dipped Tbog style nose pic on a Middle east Nate Wessel creating something out of nothing. It really is a miami hopper but very far from Miami. Russian Bulldozer used to  trannie from the wedge with all sorts of ghetto involved but riding this was fun as hell. Entertaining the troops was not only riding in front of them impromtu demos but creating and showing them we can ride everything. @bikesoverbaghdad #bikesoverbaghdad #decobmx @profileracing #profileZcoaster @chaddegroot Pic by @chadkagy CHAD D BAR DIP BOB BY KAGY copy WHY the Z coaster...  

CHAD DEGROOT wore his tire down past the grass, tube was crying with 115psi, so loud that pop. #bikesoverbaghdad @bikesoverbaghdad 15 days of riding on some of the roughest surfaces in the Middle East as well. Keep in mind WuPEGS back in stock just before summer. Camo pedals available now. Rim strips in 25mm and 35mm out now plus 184, 186, and 188mm #decobmx spokes. #profileZcoaster out April 29th

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 6.38.24 PM Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 5.24.28 PM   Please pick up a copy of the newest BMX PLUS magazine, hate to spoil it here but there is tons more but CHAD DEGROOT has two pages each month to show off whatever. This month was the FL-BMX series at SPOT. Likes of Adam Lz?, Mark Mulville, Crandall, Colt Fake, Kent Pearson, and more featured here. #decobmx @chaddegroot @bmxplusmag DeGroot Plus Spread   Your instavids from this week...enjoy.
Check out MATT CLOSSON on @digbmx live now @mattclosson here is another teaser #decobmx A video posted by @decobmx on
Moment of ZEN Chad ZEN pic www.decobmx.comDECObrandofyear2014 decobridge-2

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