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Your going to have to write your own story this week. So much going on I would be here till next weeks post. Please enjoy the March/April video, subscribe to our Youtube channel DecoBMX09, tons of instavids, Congrats to Mat Olson and Terry Adams, Matt Coplon in Richmond, Chad D Bikes Over Baghdad, check these parts out, Profile Z Coaster explained and out now. #DECOBMX -Chad D Check out this recap of DecoBMX instavids and more from March/April 2015. Matt Closson @mattclosson, Tom Villarreal @tomvillarreal, Mat Olson @matuptobat, Matt Coplon @matt_coplon, Terry Adams @terryadamsbmx , Chad DeGroot @chaddegroot, Thomas Noyer @thomasnoyer, Bikes Over Baghdad @bikesoberbaghdad, Effraim Catlow @effraimcatlow. @decobmx instagram and Facebook Decobmx. "I just took first place in Athens, GA at the Transjam contest. I've attached the photo for you to post. Super stoked on the win with it being the first contest I've entered since  taking off my brakes." TA Terry Adams TA 1st place Trans Jam Athens MATT COPLON out in Richmond. 1st pic Taking a break from shooting some projects for @bmxplusmag @matt_coplon curb cuts onto a wall in an alleyway of historic Richmond. Pic by @dillonleeper 2nd pic Rain delay sent @matt_coplon into a sketchy building this weekend in Richmond. Tight tranny with no broken teeth. Pic by @dillonleeper Coplon rain delay by @dillonleeper Coplon curb cuts by @dillonleeper Interesting read, great view, and you can get a tee for real cheap "From Athlete to Entrepreneur with Chad Degroot" Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 4.44.22 PM   "Been riding so much flatland lately and had visions of trying some tricks I have not done in awhile but on my flat machine at the park. Namely the tail whip from the back pegs. First did this in 2006 so today was the day to make it happen again. I was not taking NO for an answer or leave with my tail between my legs.  Early bird got the worm. Pulled three of them today and that made my day. Made my month. Could not leave Daytona park without riding the rest of the place and my flat bike felt so good. Thanks to @profileracing @decobmx #decobmx #profileZcoaster Full video from this day on the DECOBMX09 Youtube channel" -Chad DeGroot @chaddegroot Congrats to MAT OLSON for winning best trickin Mexico with a Nothing to Pendulum on the first set. Pic by @ajanayalater Bring home that 2k Mat Olson best mexico 2 Mat Olson best mexico MAT OLSON doing some ASA vert shows in Chicago. "Bar one handed catch and a table I am super stoked on! All shot by @alexlanderosbmx Vert shows are nuts" and photos by: Sgt. Trevon S. Peracca ?#?decobmx?@matuptobat Mat Olson ASA bars catch Mat Olson ASA shows   MATT COPLON hit you with two: @matt_coplon full pipe session for lunch on Tuesday. One of a dozen spots in Richmond during a marathon street session. Pic by @dillonleeper #bmx #decobmx@decobmx @matt_coplon found this bench next to the only public skatepark in Richmond. The park was good, the bench was even better. Fast plant up and over. Pic by @zacheryrogers #bmx #decobmx@decobmx Coplon FullPipe Richmond Coplon Fastplant Bench Richmond Here are the flyers of events DecoBMX supports. This Local skatepark is in fear of shutting down, they are 1/3 the way to raising the loot to stay open. Indoor parks and so amazing and so missed once they are gone...try and support this one if your in the area or go to and donate Thanks. Bring your own bike seriesFlatland Citrus Jam Flyerimage1 Don't forget our fine products on and off a bike. Feel free to scroll around our products and Shop tab to see more items and details including sale and discount or limited items in stock. Check back often as the line up changes. Cool cubs in glassDeco rim strips  bwDeco axle nuts Deco tool:toiletry bagDeco-pc-pegs-on-tableDeco.-spokes-b+w-wnips1Deco snapback hats 2015Tie Dye fork caps PROFILE Z COASTER in stock now. buy now tab Black Profile Zcoaster Hub 14mm or 3/8 Chromo or Titanium solid Chromo or GDH. 36h. Polished or Black. 9t Chromo or Titanium driver in 1/8" or 3/32". RHD ONLY. Non drive side hub guards out soon, Shadow universal will work on drive side. $357.99 chromoly option or $498.99. slack rings 60/75/90 separate 20/33/45 combo (we have the tool to switch or replace) 407-790-4964 Check out all options, sizes, specs HERE on the Profile site. Check out the promo video, Why the Z coaster video, and slack ring adjustment below. Profile-Racing-Zcoaster-Parts-bmx-hub A. Drive-Side Jam Nut B. Driver Bearings C. Z Pawls D. Springs E. Slack-Cam Ring F. Snap Ring G. Friction O-Ring H. Flat Spring Spacer I. Cassette Conversion Spacer J. Driver Support Bearing K. Hub Body Bearings L. Non-Drive Cone M. Non-Drive Jam Nut” CHAD DEGROOT with a few more pics from Bikes Over Baghdad trip in undisclosed locations riding, holding a gun, getting Front flipped by Anthony Napolitan and inside a bombed bunker.  ?#?bikesoverbaghdad? and @bikesoverbaghdad instagram all pics by Keith Keith Mulligan @mulligan4130 and TJ Lavin @tjlavin Profile Racing ?#?decobmx? Chad D back spin Buehring Chad D holding gun on helicopter Djbouti Chad D bombed bunker Ali Al Salem Chad D n Napolitan front flip over cooter Arifjan  
Moment of ZEN Training Balls ZEN www.decobmx.comDECObrandofyear2014 decobridge-2  

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