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May the 4th be with you all. START-Camera holds are in stock and you pick the grip that you want on it.  New sunglasses with or without bottle openers. Closson tooth hanging in Denver. Coplon all over the damn place and with turbo boosters. Chad D bonus link from his Indy trip. The Weave can do one hell of a hitchiker line. Recap video from May and June...sit back, get excited, and have a great weekend everyone. BOOM. -Chad D CAMERA HANDLE FOR DLSR STYLE FITS WITH VERTICLE HOLD AND MIC. DIMENSIONS ARE 12" TALL 10" BOTTOM PLATE FRONT TO BACK 6" WIDTH OF BASE. 1" BENT TUBE FITS 1X DECO LOGO GRIP INCLUDED IN YOUR CHOICE OF COLORS. FELT PADS ON THE BOTTOM FOR PROTECTION OF BASE AND SOFT ON SURFACES. 5MM THICK BASE. ALLOY CONSTRUCTION AND WEIGHT OF 12.6 OZ WITHOUT GRIP OR CAMERA MOUNT BOLT AND NYLON BAR END. KIT INCLUDES HANDLE/BASE, 1X GRIP YOUR CHOICE OF COLOR, CAMERA MOUNT BOLT. DOES NOT INCLUDE CAMERA OR INSTALLED GRIP. MSRP $49.99 Camera handle w deco grip   Matt Closson Tooth hanger from Denver ????: @zanimal58 IMG_5841 MATT COPLON " I'm pretty sure I'll be dead in 5 days from asbestos poisoning. Well worth it to ride this dark, dank pole jam in an old cigarette factory. Thanks to @latane_coghill @dougfines for helping me overcome my fear of wet, slick pole jams. Thanks to @eric_holladay for his patience while taking this photo. @decobmx @profile_racing @f0lklore @etniesbmx #bmx #roadtrip #fun "   IMG_9407   This is like ping pong in a hang 5. The first link was way to long and slow to get in the official edit with Karl Poynter and Chad DeGroot. The 2nd one was to actually stealth film the family of 4 in the background spray painting. Grandma and all...enjoy...Chad said his legs were jelly by the end of this...the bitter end. Scott Weaver hitch hiker line DecoBMX Scott Weaver taking advantage of the incline, the pathway, and the covered area with a hitch hiker around the world. The control to go up and down and weaving in and out of the support poles is unreal. Check this one out. www.DECOBMX.com @DecoBMX #DECOBMX @theweavbmx 8am session with @zacheryrogers at a Charlotte DIY spot that lasted less than two months. Two days after this photo was taken, it was leveled. Kicker to the moon care of @zacheryrogers #bmx #profileracing @profile_racing #decobmx @decobmx Coplon boost cement   "I learned suicides when I was 18. 20 years later, when the time is right, and the stakes are low, I continue to do them." White Walls Jam in Richmond this past Sunday care of @dillonleeper #bmx #profileracing @profile_racing -MATT COPLON Coplon tuck no hander wood

DecoBMX May June recap

DecoBMX May June Recap These two months so much happened. Instavids are only 15 seconds but we want to feature them here in a recap. Here are the riders in order or appearance and how to follow them: Chad DeGroot @chaddegroot Tom Villarreal @tomvillarreal Mat Olson @matuptobat Matt Coplon @matt_coplon Terry Adams @terryadamsbmx Thomas Noyer @thomasnoyer Matt Closson @mattclosson Effraim Catlow @effraimcatlow Karl Poynter @karlqpoynter #DecoBMX #DecoBMX10k @decobmx Subscribe to our youtube channel DecoBMX09 and find out more info at www.decobmx.com Thank you.


  • Made of Polycarbonate Material
  • Two-Tone Design With Mirrored Lenses
  • UV400 Lenses Provide 100% UVA and UVB Protection
  • Black with Clear
Deco sunglasses clear n black MSRP $12.99


  • Made Of Polycarbonate Material
  • UV400 Lenses Provide 100% UVA And UVB Protection
  • Bottle Opener On The End Of Each Arm
  • Black
deco sunglassed opener bottle Deco black sunglasses bottle opener MSRP $12.99 Bring your own bike seriesVoodoo jam 2015 July 25th11418492_981877005178343_1081173699_nPEPPER JAM FLYER-01(1)11667418_1047013468664009_3981837138131105240_n 11655744_10152983347684142_228744928_o  
Moment of ZEN wannabe_captain_america_gets_hit_with_firework-314031 www.decobmx.comDECObrandofyear2014 decobridge-2

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