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WHEW...what a week. Nerves are a bit shot but in a good way. Is that possible? Woke up this morning to get a mural on a fence part of a 5 mile project and so honored for this. If you LIKE or SHARE anything on our instagram or FB please do and know we appreciate this. Do you know we do a full week of Instavids down at the bottom of this page? Scroll down and get out your magnify glass to study this post entirely. Get up and dance, its getting hot outside. Do the boogie woogie woogie. Damn spell check is making this way longer than it needs to be. Why can't you learn how to spell...just read The Logic of English and spell check would understand. Wood you? Enjoy...#decobmx and stay tuned for next week challenge brought to you by Karl Poynter. HOLLA. -Chad D  

Terry Adams: DEFY Elements | LifeProof

Hurricane Katrina left a lasting impression on Terry Adams, a proud and dedicated Louisianian. He learned his signature flatland BMX trick in the aftermath of the storm and named it “Katrina” as a tribute to his resilient home state. This is his personal story of defying elements and remaining grounded by his Louisiana roots.  

Ryan Torrance Winter 2016

  CHAD DEGROOT here. Dream Driveway video is almost done for a @digbmx exclusive. Go on DecoBMX FB to see all the pics including a @matt_coplon ice pick over a @chaddegroot carve, nose pick by the pool and overview of the driveway, and a nose pick with the back tire pressed on the railing for a stall. Pics by @matt_coplon @alanshirley @markmulville for @profile_racing #profileracing #bmx #frontwheelboogie #flatland #decobmx #profileZcoaster #dreamdriveway chad nose hit Chad D nose pool dream driveway chad n matt   Check out Jeff @paintthetrail doing a feature on a fence pic by Dave Freimuth doing a no handed wheelchair.
Here is a dude who is artist of the year in Seminole County named Jeff. He is so talented and driven. His talent has to be seen in person. The Seminole Wekiva trail is his pallet on the property line of houses backing up to the trail. He goes by the handle @paintthetrail and his goal is to paint 5 miles of fences and has over ONE mile so far. My bike check edit here https://youtu.be/gAV0MrX3fyU was featuring not only my bike but his art as a backdrop. When the magazines died out I was left with an amazing pic and story behind the pic from Dave Freimuth of a flatland move called a "no handed wheelchair". Jeff got it all done and up and my plan is to go see it and release an interview him  I did last year. He is a character for sure and the interview is nothing short of amazing. Go follow him on FB and instagram and also check out the interview I did with him and go back and check out my bike check which puts it all together. Thanks. -Chad D
#decobmx #growbmx #profileracing #torquebmx @paintthetrail @chaddegroot @torquebmx @profileracing @decobmx @vansbmx66
This painting is dedicated to Chad Degroot. He's a pro BMX rider and is ranked one of the top riders in the world. He's been to the X Games multiple times and been to the Middle East at least a couple of times to perform for the troops. He's a Patriot who has his own line of BMX parts and accessories. He owns Mr. Bikes and Boards on the corner of 434 and Rangeline directly behind Bayridge Sushi. Check him out on Facebook , Instagram and YouTube. I tried the egg timer trick on this one. Only problem is it exposes my garage. I have a good excuse. A tornado hit it and I haven't organized it in 2 years. Posted by Paint the Trail on Wednesday, March 9, 2016
Here is the FB LIVE link check it out and SHARE it please. https://www.facebook.com/chadjdegroot/videos/10154061496775982/?l=8913322786377143611 IMG_2558
Paint the Trail install Posted by Chad DeGroot on Friday, March 11, 2016
  Check out the Mat Olson @matuptobat Facebook LIVE from the trails. Damn these look beautiful. IMG_2570.JPG IMG_2572.JPG  
Sixo compound episode 2 Posted by Mat Olson on Sunday, March 6, 2016
  We now accept most major CC and along with PayPal on our store...go check it out and  thank you. Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 3.47.37 PM  

Finale PRO - Thomas Noyer

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InstaVids for this week:

MATT CLOSSON dropping in a line on home turf @mattclosson #decobmx #bmx #bmxisfun #lines A video posted by DecoBMX (@decobmx) on
@matuptobat with a late superman out of a nothing at #sixo trails in Texas #decobmx #bmx #decotexas A video posted by DecoBMX (@decobmx) on
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