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Bummer we buried one squirrel and one chicken this week. In that order also. Mystery for both but by process of elimination I think we know what is up. Pet cemetery in our backyard. Dem bones. But spring has sprung awhile ago and summer is pushing its heat our way. Checking the weather today might be a record high. Tomorrow high 90's and 15-20mph wings would make for one hell of a blow dryer. Stop by MR. B's jam and get some free water, free beer, free food. Spread the word if you don't know already and bring sunscreen, a chair, and your bike. Wild times ahead. Scroll down to see Mat Olson from a few years back jumping like a madman. The list of tricks he has locked is insane. Thomas Noyer is always a treat to watch so hit up the instaVids for this week...and the rest of the crew. Gotta go play my disco. Pay attention to what I am saying, look at your phone tomorrow for some LIVE Instagram and also some FB live. Why not. Enjoy your mothers day weekend and happy one to all you mothers...you mutha you. -Chad D But first this Taylor Bonds Mustache bars promo is intense. 5 years ago today this happened. @matuptobat roasting one of his go to's about 10' or so above the lip. ? @matuptobat at the end of the road in the middle of nowhere. Run down jumps trying to get em going again. @tbonds69 ? : @cilantrothapirate Upcoming events: Mr. B’s FLATLAND Jam Friday May 12th 4-10pm. This will not start till after 4pm. Food, Music (WuTang on vinyl), Prizes, Drinks, Keg. Riding out front of B’s.  Bring a chair and a pop up tent. Tell others…and thanks to our sponsors: @mrbikesnboards @profile_racing @vansbmx66 @decobmx @powerbar @kipbmx @flbmx and Jay Marley @marleydidit for the flyer. #decobmx #profileracing #vansbmx #flatland #bmx #mrbs #powerbar #flbmx #ribeyeinthesky 950 W. SR 434 Longwood, Florida 32750 407-790-4964
InstaVids for this week:

Short park session with @alejomarques #BMX #decobmx #bmxlife #bmxpark #gopro #videooftheday

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Sunday session by @alejomarques #BMX #decobmx #bmxflatland #bmxlife #flatland #videooftheday #gopro

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