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Claustrophobic. Getting two MRI’s today was guided into the tube and I freaked out and squeezed the panic ball numerous times. First one was 25min and the 2nd is 20min. I was all of 10 seconds in and that ball was getting squeezed. Lady asked me if I was Claustrophobic and I responded “YES, I guess I am…”. To find out in this manner started to make sense. I hate lines. Hate the window seat on planes. My mind would not let this happen and a panic attack was about to happen. So she figured going in backwards at least I can see…so I did it. Tried to sleep but the noises the machine was making were screaming in my head making me upstable. So I decided to count the dots on the tube. Then I was like…maybe count from 1 to 1000. That will take awhile and I have never done that. But when I got to 282 283 I thought maybe this MRI will take till I get to 1000. So do I count faster or just stop. The heat on my stomach from the machine is making me sweat but there is cold air on my feet. FINALLY the tray scooted back and I got out and off the table and the lady asked me if we are going to do the next one. I said hell no and the noises from that machine in my head are making me crazy. She walked me up to the front desck to get a partial refund and she said in an elevated tone “he’s claustrophobic. THANKS. Now I know. May 31, 2017 Have a great rest of the week all you bubs. Tons of packed Deco and BMX related goods below. -Chad D Check out Streetlando video here from Matt P Street G. Local killing it in O town. BMX FLATLAND Takuya Higa thanks @hajimest pic incredible Beside @fiseworld comp, I got few times with @melissazucchiatti and his ?for a couple of tricks while the sunset was sick!! Here is one of them! -@thomasnoyer A sneak peek of @alejomarquesweekend session!! Gotta love the great weather!! Are you ready for the @masterofcreativity ? Upcoming events:
InstaVids for this week:

X-foot combo #bmx #flatland #decobmx #gopro #xfoot #video @alejomarques

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@tbonds69 by @benchoden some magic here #fijiboyz #decobmx #bmx

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Grass goodness @karlqpoynter Mannie skills ??? #decobmx #bmx

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Moment of ZEN: Happy 40th Matt Coplon.

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