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Thanks give to me. That is what kids are thinking these days and why? Cause of BMX and how it has always worked. Do yourself a favor and read a little more specially in Dig magazine and those articles that have a lot of words. Don't get me wrong, you don't have to read everything but absorb the real business side of things so you know why companies react how they do when you want free shit or hand outs. This is the internet and your on it so let it be know on this microphone that the real companies are doing real things. START-2014 calendar featuring TA on the cover and Chad D for January is free with orders from Flatlandfuel.com. Words by Coplon, one day he rode his bike and his grips made him happy. Indoors with Mr. Filth. Karl gap. Chad clip. Dustin USA grips stuck to his face. DeGroot in Miami. Mat Olson doing tricks opposite? 4 years at Mr. B's. Coplon rail sesh. Mat Olson clip, uprail to whip. AND the lord ZEN. Have a good one y'all and be safe. Do good things and make it count. Write essays about Kyle Painter and turn them into me so I can post up the winner. END -Chad D
Fat Tony releases the Flatland Calendar each year and this one just dropped but wanted you to know some details: Press releases just went out to all the major BMX media sites, and attached is a photo for you to post on your site and social networks to help get the word out. Any kind of post on your site, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. would be great! Just be sure to mention that the calendars are available FREE with every order only at flatlandfuel.com. Congrats to TA Terry Adams for the cover and Chad D for January...2014 is going to be big. 2014-Flatland-BMX-Calendar-Deco Matt Coplon went on a mission one day and this is what he had to say:
There was an old department store in my neighborhood growing up. Ames was the name.
In their bike aisle, was a fluorescent green Kent complete with spoke protectors.
The spoke protectors, more simply the Dishes covering the wheels, were green and white striped flying saucers. Their absurd aesthetic is what sold it for me.
I thought I'd be the coolest kid in my hood. I thought I'd grab the attention of all my fellow elementary school girls.
In reality, no one gave a shit. Months later, neither did I after learning how to bunny hop.
At that point, being conscious of what I had as a show piece went out the window.
I cared only about the cat walk. Top tube surfers. Digging ruts out of the gutters to launch bushes.
Bmx was on.
That shitty ol' Kent lasted me quite a while. And one of the only modifications I ever made to it was investing in a set of AME' Grips. Simple, cheap, and most importantly, legit.
With that small addition of tangible, iconic, bmx componentry, I then considered myself a real bmxer.
Over the years, while holding onto hundreds of different grips, I've been privileged to travel to many a different city to sample skateparks and cityscapes.
Throwing on my latest pair, I thought it a nice little homage to document a days worth of pedaling through one of my favorite cities on earth: Tampa Bay.
For me, 75% of riding street is the commute from spot to spot. I sometimes enjoy the pedaling there more than I do actually cruising said obstacle.
Sunday started at 7:30am and went to sunset.
A perfect day, indeed.
Thanks to my Deco rubbers for, literally, having a hand in getting me there.
7:30am: Brick Tranny Wall.
Grip #5
 Street meet up spot. 9am with the crew. Oaklawn Cemetery.
Grip #1
Pyramid session at Grinds. 11am.
Grip #4
Jersey Barrier session at 2pm with the crew.
Grip #3
Sunset on the waterfront. 5pm. Closing to a good day.
Grip #2
Johnny Filth AKA Mr. Filth getting tbog style  irieWWW.IRIEAZPHOTO.COM mr filth 3 color swirl grips are almost here. Sit tight bubs, USA colors coming at cha...thanks Dustin Grice for the grips suction pic at Mr. B's. Dustin Grice grips
This isn't about the couple of scuffs but the ride out. I put so much time into ride outs in the past and I need to bring some back and some new ones...back in the day you did a decade to finish your link. -Chad D
Karl Poynter cement ledge gap with style.
Karl gap cement
Chad in Miami story and a few pics...check it out HERE thanks to Profile Racing.
Screen shot 2013-11-19 at 11.49.59 AM
Hitting you in the shoulder and face with an oppo table and that foot chilling style with Mat Olson
Here is the cover of the 2014 calendar with TA doing a plastic man on water, he is like Jesus, walking or in this case riding on water...damn son...getting it done. #taknowsdeco
TA cover of 2014 calendar
If your in the Central Florida area stop by Mr. B's in Longwood for their 4 year anniversary, ramps, chef food, ghetto food, drinks, and more...
Here is a test pic for the 2014 calendar shoot with Chad D for January...
Chad shoot for 2014 calendar
Coplon getting a session on the uprail with a tuck that looks bad ass and a tabes the other way for the babes.
Coplon Rail Boost Coplon Rail Tabe
What else do you need to know? FU10-DECADE
FU10 Decade
Moment of Zen the lord www.decobmx.com

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