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Every once in awhile we push @decobmx in instagram and this time we hit 20k with a lot of help and support from you and the team. Thank you. With that said and 2016 at an end you can check out my Chad DeGroot 2016 instaVids compilation at just over 23 minutes long. Scroll down to the DecoBMX instaVids for this week with a highlight on the TA hippie hop to the skateboard and more. Also Mat Olson carve was really scary. Tsutomu is traveling so try and keep up with him if you can. V3 WuPegs are out and the Weav is rocking them...perfect for the rears as they get abused so much when your bike falls.  Alejandro is always riding, and those whips are popping off. The FL BMX 2nd stop is almost here and make plans for that and know we will have a booth there. Dealers please log in to know what is new, sale, and in stock. Happy year everyone, it was a good one for sure. Thanks for all the support and one hell of an interesting and growing year. Thanks bubs. -Chad D   Nowear Bmx's Cornhuckit 2016 from NOWEAR on Vimeo. Chad D had his video featured 1st here http://www.flatmattersonline.com/lookback-april-the-2016-flatmattersonline-year-end-awards so go check it out and the rest of them... Also Voting is still going on for multiple categories so click here and vote please http://www.flatmattersonline.com/the-2016-flatmattersonline-year-end-awards Wow! This brings me back. Found this on the message board at the shop. Pops has had this lying around for quite some time now. This is a photo copy of I think the first ever pic I got in a mag(local zine). "Un named" haha I had such a good time at Fort McDowell contests. I think I won best trick with a 540 hurricane on that beast same year. Maybe 2006-2007? Mat Olson ????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????? ????????????? Tsutomu Kitayama

Short riding spot cruise in beijing city. -Tsutomu

This bike was around the world and lost in Istanbul. Ended up in Djibouti Africa. Finally made it home. Got sick of looking at it so I put some street tires on it and going to get some park and street sessions on it. -Chad D UpSideDown #bmx#decobmx #flatland #gopro #pic#picoftheday #blue @decobmx @4130mag -Alejandro Putting on the new and improved @decobmx WuPegs. The ends have a little more meat on them now so they can take more of my abuse. Still crazy light just like before! -Scott Weaver Little way back Wednesday another shot thanks to my buddy @dickfarts ??? lookback from last yr spot roast! -Ryan torrance

NEW for 2017 is our Dealer log in page. Please hit me up chad@decobmx.com for the code if your a dealer. If your a shop and want to become a dealer holla my way...get you all set up and quick as I can...thanks. http://decobmx.com/2009/12/place-dealer-order/

Product of the week: For centuries people have used bearings to unite cranks and frames to make pedaling possible. This is not trivial stuff, you know this. Stop and think about what a wonderful bottom bracket would look and feel like. Can you picture it,  see it, feel it? This bottom bracket can solve the problem. Made with sealed bearings and alloy cones and spacers. Get excited bubs. Holla. Size: Mid 19mm or 22mm and Spanish 19mm Weight:  6 oz. Comes with spacers and tube spacer. Colors: Black MSRP $24.99 buy now tab   ALSO AVAILABLE AMERICAN BOTTOM BRACKET CUPS SOLD IN PAIRS BLACK ONLY FIT MID BEARINGS. MSRP $16.99 DECO AMERICAN BB CUPS Flashback video:   InstaVids for this week:

Xmas practice! #bmx #flatland #decobmx #gopro #christmas #vid @alejomarques

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@dvntaae crankflip feeble to hard 180 bar ???

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High hop dubs to hard 180 in full winter gear @tbonds69 filmed by @jimmy_jams68 #decobmx #bmx

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  Upcoming events: img_6082 More info follow @flbxm and http://fl-bmx.com

1/14 OSP 2/4 Sarasota 3/4 Jupiter April 15 Oviedo/FINALS

Florida Gold!
An FL-BMX video contest hosted by Profile Racing
Starts today, December 1st, ends March 19th.
The basic concept:
--Edit must include at least 3 riders, but cannot exceed 5.
--Can be filmed with anything (even phones)
--Video length: 2 to 2-1/2 minutes long.
--Can be any type of riding as long as its in Florida (Street, Park, Dirt and Flat)
--Judged by Profile's Dillon Leeper Jeff Klugiewicz Jake Seeley Grant Castelluzzo and Jared Eberwein
Hand made Profile Racing trophies awarded in Bronze (3rd), Silver (2nd), and Gold (1st).
Winners announced at the after party of the last stop of the FLBMX series in Oviedo on April 1st.
For much more detailed info, please go to www.fl-bmx.com or www.profileracing.com
Most importantly, have Fun!
Moment of ZEN:

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