Feed the Green Canteen

MR. B's now carries canteens for only $13.95. Read below to see why  you should have one of these and click on the pic to see more details of this local Longwood company. Stay Local.

Welcome To Feed The Green Canteen

We offer 18/8 food grade, stainless steel canteens. They are BPA free, environmentally friendly and contain no inside chemicals or liners. The slim design fits in most cup holders and bike cages. The wide mouth makes for easy cleaning and for adding ice cubes. We also offer stainless steel water bowls for our eco-friendly pets. It is estimated that in the United States we use 2.5 million plastic bottles every hour. The average American uses 167 plastic water bottles per year. Also, 425 million plastic bottles and other beverage containers end up in the trash each year. It takes 17 million barrels of oil per year to make all the plastic water bottles in the USA. So, what can we do about this? We want to help our earth by minimizing the carbon footprint and decreasing the use of plastic bottles. One person with one canteen can prolong numerous lives, while replacing potentially thousands of plastic bottles.

Banned: Plastic Water Bottles

In 2010 the town of Concord, Massachusetts banned all sales of water bottles; Washington University, St. Louis has banned the use of plastic bottles on campus; In San Francisco, California city departments have been banned from buying water bottles; The state of Minnesota has banned all BPA in bottles; The University of Portland, Oregon has banned the sale of plastic water bottles; Brown University and Harvard University are currently banning the sale or restricting the use of plastic water bottles; The University of Vermont will stop all sales of plastic water bottles in January 2013.

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