Scorpions, Trails, Flo Rida, Madera, Texting with Bonds, and would you?

I am sorry for this weeks post, just saying it. Why the hell would I be sorry? You an idiot. This shit is going bonkers and is rough to keep up with. Mr. Filth, Olson, Eilken, DeGroot, Coplon, Kelsy, Bonds, bongs, tits, ass, trails, carves, cruisin, shred, Flo Rida, chest hair, butts, meat, and no meat. That is all I have for a teaser intro. Pop a shot, sit back, relax, you ready now? Part of the Madera team headed to California this spring of 2012 to film in the streets and shoot some photos. Two of the mornings they took it easy and headed to the Santa Barbara skatepark and filmed a few clips while hanging out on the beach. Check out these clips and stay tuned for next month's release of the full street edit! Riders:  Josh Eilken, Mike Hinkens, Sean Morr. Guest shredding by Nick Castillo Matt Coplon carve while in Athens for the Twilight jam. Check out his TEAM page HERE. Tremaine Stewart threw down these clips in a couple days at a local park in Colorado. Check out his TEAM page for Deco. HERE. Chad living his soul train dream come true. New 2012 Grab Some Deco. tee now out. Mat Olson is on a motorcyle trip and stopped off at some trails to shred and drink. Chad's front wheel decade. Do one, do many.     Taylor Bonds in town and we shot a few clips in the last indoor park in the Orlando area, hit them up below. He is a phone junky, so support his habit and hit him up NOW. Mat Olson trails session by night...check that seat, so dang goo goo good. Sometimes I stutter. Kelsy Hoog getting this months Ride BMX wallpaper. Slap that shit on your wall. Deco pool party, might be a bunch of floating saggy sausages,  no meat man.  

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