I can't wait till my kid is 7, fuck it, maybe he will steal my sweet mini van and do what this kid did...actually he probably won't cause he isn't a fuck up. But we do live in Florida so anything is possible. Maybe meth, maybe bang n have a kid at 9, who knows...watch this shit and love Florida. Stole 3 videos "gangsta 7 year old steals car", "Latarian Milton 3rd Interview - Hat to the Back", and "7-year-old doe boy is back! Latarian Milton" and put them together for convenience and simply because i love the kid and love me some chicken wings "It's fun to do bad things", "juss a lil bit", "no video games for a week", " all da people do it", "he's nobody's fool", "I sorry, can i leave now?", "chicken wings", just started hitting me in front of the whole wal-mart", This is not on the same subject, but its pretty funny black people being KKK, them be funny fuckers i swear

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