9 for 2017, Two weeks, bird dudo

Bird shit splatters all over their windshield. I mean all over like 30 piles. Piles on piles like target practice. Even a Mercedes. How do you think they can see? And its mainly on the drivers side. I see this car coming in the opposite lane of traffic and this is what pops in my mind to open this week. Nothing to do with bmx or this week in review. Take it. Like that car did. Now its in your head painted that picture. But what color car is it...you decide. Finish my thought and enjoy this post and this week. Love everything except the shit that sucks and specially bird shits. Or bird runs. Or shitting where you eat...don't shit where you eat and don't eat off your windshield. Awe ya. -Chad D Congrats to @ryantorrancebmx for 2nd place at @flbmx series stop #1 be sure to attend n check out all of them #decobmx #bmx #flbmxpic by @matt_coplon / @profile_racing Huge congrats to Indonesia rider @rahmat_yoga20 Rahman Yoga Pratama for winning the Terry Adams Seat in this months giveaway. Still time to enter #decobmx and repost a product...handlebars and grips left...good luck.
When @terryadamsbmx puts his mind to something, it happens.
Taking a break from riding flat: "I really want to hop whip this set of steps."
Pic by @matt_coplon
#bmx #profileracing @profile_racing #profileZcoaster
thomasnoyerOne more from @bougnatstreetfestival shot by @etiennegiraud last week-end!   dirtdrownedrootsOn the surface all you get is the tip of the iceberg. If you really want to know you better dive in. #BMX#DecoBmx #MrBikesNBoards #Flatland This was the very last spot we rode on a 4 hour street scouting mission. Sometimes it’s less the quality of the spot, but more so the discovery in that little window before it’s gone. And the day after, it was. Thanks to @scgsteve for snapping the shutter. - @matt_coplon - This year is not over but I feel this should be known...and you can get yours done real quick. Thanks for all the views, likes, and comments this year. Only love. Upcoming events:
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