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Mat is going to take top billing for this week so I am going to step back and let him introduce his journey and take a look at his full video. Good week for sure from DecoBMX. -Chad D "I started the idea for this trip when I heard of the Florideah swamp fest. With so much going on in Florida I wanted to check out some of the riding as well as camping that the warm winters out east could offer. The FL series was in full effect, I had a handful of shows lined up, and I had a Volkswagen Bus. I planned on a few weeks and it turned into the best winter I have had in a while. Thanks to everyone who helped me make this Journey possible. This is a quick edit of the journey to and from Florida. A lot of driving, some riding, a little cruising, and a good ass time. Life is a trip, some of the best and worst things imaginable have happened to me in 2017. Never give up. Do your best. Riding my bike has always been my zen. Thanks for watching." -Mat Olson @matuptobat Dude, where's my bike?! // Y mi bici?! Friday, June 23rd. 4:30pm. This is considered a decent wallride in Tampa. The slight bank is almost an anomaly in the flat state. On Friday, I was thinking about how, in the early 90's, our younger crew would have passed these up as they looked nothing like what we saw in videos. Fun lost if the OG Tampa riders hadn't stepped in and showed us the reins. To good times making due with what you got. - @matt_coplon - #tabletoptuesday from this winter @bmxtrickstars @theweavbmx and @matuptobat with huge tabletop for the crowd. Check out some @markmulville from Merritt island mini. Jump from yesterday's qualifications at @soshfreestylecup_officiel. Finals today at 7.30 pm!! Thanks to @matthiasdandoisfor taking care of us all week-end long and to @melissazucciatti for this sick pic! Battling against @dombmx_is not an easy thing! Anyway, I really had a blast spending this week-end at @soshfreestylecup_officiel and riding the contest! Thanks to @sosh_fr for the organisation and massive props to @matthiasdandois for being the man! See you next year! Pic by @theagency_photo #tabletoptuesday for ya! Thanks again @coryschneider24 for the ?? give you a follow for the most dialed moves! InstaVids for this week:

Stacking clips @ryantorrancebmx beefing up his trick list all meaty style #decobmx #bmx

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A back wheel combo after the rain! @alejomarques #decobmx #BMX #bmxflatland #flatland #bmxlife #gopro

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