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I posted this earlier this week on my insta @chaddegroot ....but here it is: Puke test. Let me tell you that I am not a puker...maybe from not trying hard enough or knowing that I am useless when I do. Last time was about 5 years ago, time before that was 10 years before that. Today I had what little that was in my stomach at my throat. Handicapped lady stopped by to have me check out why her wheelie bars were loose. Broken bolts. So I sent her off to Ace to get some which is right down the street. Follow me on this cause its really tough to describe this situation and the smell that lingered. So first off two of us had to help her onto a stool and she was around 250lbs of dead weight since her legs don't work. The wheel chair had a funk or marinaded human smell that is now on my top 2 worst smells in my lifetime. The wheelchair had assisted wheels that cost 7k and the chair itself she said was 7k (calling bullshit on this one). Would take 7k to get rid of the smell off of me and my shop. So she had to goto the store and get correct bolts. Came back and I helped her off to a stool while I worked on her chair but she got the wrong bolts. Help her back on her chair and she comes back with the correct ones. While gone I have to mouth gag kind of like Catfish always does, spray and mop, and sanitize everything. She gets back with the correct size bolts but this time I had no help lifting her off and onto a stool so I could work on her wheelchair. Got it done like a pit crew and would not let her pay. She said she knows a lot of people in wheelchairs and is going to send us business...ohhhhhhh man. Don't get old. If you do try to know if you stink. YES I did a nice thing today but my nose is telling me a different story. -Chad D

Tom Villarreal bike check

Tom Villarreal with a bike check of his current set up. If you know Tom V. you know he is one of the most humble guys out there, and can ride anything and make it look easy with insane style. Well Tom and Nik went out cruising today and filmed a few clips and and runs down what he is pedaling around on. thanks for watching. enjoy  

DecoBMX March 2016

March  2016 recap from our @decobmx instagram and more. Order of appearance @johnnyfilth @tomvillarrel @karlqpoynter @tbonds69 @matt_coplon @matuptobat @mattclosson @paintthetrail @terryadamsbmx @chaddegroot @thomasnoyer @lee_musselwhite Scott Weaver has not entered a contest in a long time. He showed no signs of slowing but actually sped up and turned up the heat in the pro class. Also full throttle at the after party. High speed original move here...the levitator knee on the seat nose wheelie. Pic by @matt_coplon #decobmx #bmx #flatland @afa_bmx round 1 @theweavbmx IMG_2865

To see TONS more pics, Video... click the links below:

Full photo gallery, videos, and more plus info about other AFA CLICK HERE.

Lee Musselwhite back seat cost by DeGroot

Chad DeGroot bars backwards DecoBMX

"Since I starting riding my head wants me to learn as much as possible and this includes bars backwards tricks. The beginning of this link I learned this day so to make more smooth flow and no scuffing. The middle has been a gem and great feeling to whip the backend around with no brakes and keep speed. The end is bars backwards and played a huge head game for a bit because I had to push so much momentum to get into the backyard position and pump to keep speed. Real excited to move past the 15 second persona and get onto the longer story of this trick." -Chad D @chaddegroot @profile_racing @torquebmx @decobmx @vansbmx66 #decobmx #profileracing #profileZcoaster #growbmx #bmx #flatland

Alejandro Marques Semana Flatland/Holy Flatland

Vídeo grabado durante la Semana Santa del 2016, con fotos de Daniel Andrade, un poco de street de Eddy Alviares y algunos panas de visita en el Spot/Video recorded during the 2016 Holy Week, pictures by Daniel Andrade, a lil bit of street by the hand of Eddy Alviares and some friends visiting my riding spot! @alejomarques @foxheadvzla @decobmx @da_am_photography image1

"These bike racks always seem to be occupied. Good timing both situationally and weather wise. Manual over the ring, thanks to @thereal_turd_ferguson for snapping the shutter."


Orlando Sessions “Lee Musselwhite”

Orlando Sessions "Lee Musselwhite" from Sampabmx on Vimeo.   BILLY DONATION TEE ONLY $10 ALL DONATIONS GO TO FIX CANDYLAND PARK PROJECT. ORDER HERE SIZES SMALL-3XL SIZES. http://decobmx.bigcartel.comIMG_2828   We now accept most major CC and along with PayPal on our store...go check it out and  thank you. Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 3.47.37 PM   Upcoming events: IMG_2179 TBLDFJ16_teaser
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InstaVids for this week:

DONTAE DONTAE DONATE doing it again @dontaeislife #decobmx #bmx

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Watch close...this gets serious real fast @thomasnoyer #decobmx #bmx #flatland #decofrance

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Click the link in @ryantorrancebmx bio to see full edit. #decobmx #bmx #florideco

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Late night hot laps with @matuptobat #decobmx #matknowsdeco @profile_racing A video posted by DecoBMX (@decobmx) on
Profile March/April shop tour part #2 Posted by Matt Coplon on Friday, April 1, 2016
Moment of ZEN: The-new-viral-video-stars-Obama

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