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Fill up this week. Just straight talk. No stories or point of views. Enjoy your friends and relatives. Ride bikes. Take pics and shoot videos. Sit back and enjoy what is around you. -Chad D Ryan Torrance stomped this one...damn good sequence.
Taylor Bonds in Barcelona killing it and loving Fiji worldwide.
tsutomukitayama HITCH HIKER!!! ? @littleshao thank you
The Madera Gulf Coaster  Madera is proud to announce the release of the Gulf Coaster: an American-made coaster hub built with Profile Racing’s patented Z-Technology. Simplified design and limited options allow for a more affordable, yet still high quality Z-style coaster. This style coaster allows you to engage and disengage the cassette within and thus have a more durable and consistent hub. The hub is available now in a complete wheel or on its own. It comes ONLY in black with a 14mm solid axle and a 90 degree (1/4 crank) slack ring. The hub weighs 624 grams/24.5 ounces and works with various Madera and Profile hub guards. For complete specs and more information about the Gulf Coaster, click here: To learn how the Z-Technology within the hub works, click here: To see Madera rider Dylan McCauley using and explaining the hub, click here:
matt_coplon#throwbackthursday 2010. I waited for years for this house to become abandoned. An old cracker house from the early 20th century with a perfect rail hop leading to the front door. The bank ended up being even better than I hoped. First and last rail hop bar I ever did. Grand opening = grand closing.
terryadamsbmx The more reflective you are, the more effective you are. Stay true to yourself and everyone around you, and the results will come.
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