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Happy birthday America. I said it. I have been wanting to do this post waiting on some good news but its going to have to drop later, sorry. Pretty sure where ever you are its hot as hell. So take a minute and chill in some ac and read up on the new Pusher trip written by Mat Olson. Will make you want to take a trip asap. Tremaine Stewart dropped this an edit keeping it Colorado as hell hitting up all the free skateparks. Chad's English version of the Chile interview is readable now. Check it out. Tom is Lifted, we out there. Coplon is still killing weekends, so many spots he is finding in his area. Deco. lighters by Bic. AND your moments of Zen. -Chad D Tremaine Stewart killing shit... "I had a bunch of good friends helping me out with filming and traveling to different spots and parks during this edit. Nothing but fun and love!" Here is the English version of Chad's Chile interview, when I say Chile I don't mean the kind you eat. Although I do love a good Chile. Tom Lifted, we out here
We all left pusher bmx for the mountains... All 10 of us! We had the proper supplies for a rowdy mountain camping trip, Colorado style. our first stop was Aspen to meet up with a couple homies. The rendezvous point was set for Aspen. The mountainous surrounding the skatepark made for an amazing environment to ride.We chilled out for a little while and then headed out to Carbondale. As the sun was setting we finished riding and then headed out to our first campsite. Right off the edge of a switchback, outside of Carbondale, we found a campsite suitable for our motely crew. Adult beverages and smoke treats set the mood for the trip. The first night started off pretty late, needless to say so did the next morning. We woke up to the campground keeper pissing and moaning about our dogs roaming around and how we came into the campsite at 20mph which was way over the posted 10mph sign. After a brief explination on how he was an asshole, we headed out to Montrose. That part of Colorado is probably the most amazing place on the planet. We set up camp right next to the river seeing as how the entire state is on fire... just to be safe. Fire bans were definitely a bummer, so we dug a pit right by the water and built a fire, f the man! haha cooking food, smores, and nightime festivities calls for a fire. The best was watching the dude and taylor attempt to cook drumsticks directly on the propane burner cause the fire went out. BBQ sauce everywhere! The next morning we pumped up the raft, gathered the bikes, and headed out to the fullpipes. Taylor had to have his phone charged so the truck was dead... thanks taylor haha we jumped the truck ad headed out. Right as we started the hike into the void, we were greeted by a govt. department of water official. After a few warnings and a couple bewares, he started off back to his truck, only to murmer what we took as a challenge. " You know... nobody has beat the highest sticker in there." Needless to say we took him up on the challenge. Being inside a mountain under a lake in the middle of nowhere and riding your bike is an experience that most people in the entire world will never think possible. After killing it in the fullpipe for a bit we headed back up to the truck, not before stopping off at the lake to do a bit of fishing. such an amazing view. Nature kicks ass! -Mat Olson
After Montrose we took off for the million dollar highway, having independence pass and being able to see the mountains, the million dollar highway was much anticipated. As we fueled up at the bottom of the pass we saw about 25-30 of the most incredible Lamborghinis, in what i can only assume was the richest man in the world was pretty amazing to see so many cars that started at half a million dollars and up drive by. We took off after the group of cars, up the million dollar highway. Watching those cars tear around the switchbacks like it was a race course was unbelievable, but getting to follow them and merely trying to keep up was quite an experience. After about 10 minutes of trying to play catchup we saw several of them pulled over by the small town sheriffs, such was the case town after town. At the top of the pass the road gets narrow enough for two cars to barely be able to pass each other, with no guard rails and a 2000 foot drop off cliff makes it quite nerve racking.We stopped at a little park in Ridgeway and searched out a campsite for the night. All week we lucked out on low-key camping spots; some with cliff-jumping, some with sweet fishing  and most came equipped with a swarm of mosquitoes!  Our final destination was Durango, Colorado. With a sweet park right next to the river and it being an unbearably hot day we chose the water over riding in the middle of the day. As the sunset we began to shred and get a little bit of filming done. Everyone on the trip fired out something they had been eying up. After a sweet day of floating down the river and riding bikes we loaded up and headed out back toward Denver. Colorado has a lot to offer with skateparks popping up all of the time, some of the best scenery in the country and one of the best rider owned bmx shops out there; it would be worth it to take a step out of your day to day life and get into that Colorado state of mind. Thanks to all the homies that came along and thanks to Clay for showing us some of the best local spots. Holla. Fart. -Mat Olson
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