Andrews vs Duncan

While I was on this last trip, an idea was passed onto me that actually worked out amazing. If you have an iphone or conference call capability, here it is. Call one person, then tell them to hang on for a second. Hurry and call the next person then merge the call. So basically they start talking to each other and don't know who called who. Caller ID doesn't show up and you can join two strangers or in this case Mike who was buzzed and Duncan who was about to go on a date. Duncan can't pass up a call, he has to answer and talk, so he is always a good call. Mike, well I got him off guard but he was more than willing to catch up with Duncan. Duncan does comedy now, but Andrews does comedy daily. This is a 20 minute call that is too funny. Remember that Mike is really good friends with Jason Levy, so you don't know what he is going to say. This is the start of the conference calls. I am going to line more up. If you know a battle or a good combo, put your suggestions in the comments below. Lastly, Duncan has a radio show and we called in last week. So if you want to shout out to him on the air, we will be doing it big soon and giving out the call in number. Andrews vs Duncan from Chad DeGroot/Deco. on Vimeo.

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