Approved, Longwood SkatePark

Longwood SkatePark has been approved. There was a meeting last night, which I received less than a days notice, and we still had a big crew to support, stand up and talk, and stay positive on getting a skatepark. Thanks to everyone who attended and stood up and spoke. I might as well start out how this all was started. A few kids at Lyman school in Longwood approached the city about a skatepark. They must have done some good work cause the city bought $78,000 in ramps and proceeded to make plans to put them down in Reiter park behind the hospital. Well two years later I met with the city about the rumored skatepark, saw the drawings and the location (two blocks from Mesh Skatepark). So since then, almost 3 years now, we are getting a skatepark and it has been approved by the advisory board at Candyland park in Longwood. There is the FULL amount in the budget to pour the cement ($23,000) and make the skatepark dream of a few kids a reality. The commissioners were pretty bummed this project took so long, seeing as these kids are now out of high school and who knows if they even skate or bike now. There is good news and some bad news; the good, with this skatepark being pretty small in obstacle size, the city is already talking to me about expanding and also using some more land to make a proper skatepark which would be updated and for all skill levels. Which in real terms means some bowls and bigger stuff. The bad news is there is one more meeting on the 15th at 7pm @ Longwood Commision Chamber 175 West Warren Ave. Longwood. This meeting will either get the park moving asap or be pushed into next years planning and budget. The budget is there, it has been approved, the contractors are set, the layout is done, so this is the way the city works. So please attend and stand up and talk, we need everyone to support and get this done NOW. They "like to see the support" and "enthusiasm and support" we have shown them, but with 10 days notice we should be able to pack the house with skate and bike supporters on August 15 @ 7pm. I am posting the layout and drawing of the skatepark design.  Just remember this plan was done 5 years ago and the only way they will proceed with this is if we all agree to it. The best part of this is that they are going to expand and improve it with our voice and what we want in the future. The city has a budget each year and we can get sponsors and do events to raise money to improve this skatepark every year. The hardest part is getting it going, which after last night it has been approved.  The ramps are bought, the budget is there for the cement platform, so we just have to get behind the City of Longwood and move forward. -Chad DeGroot

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