April fools games and Casselberry trails jam

If you don't know about the Casselberry trails, then you don't know shit. If you wanna crash course, hit up these few links, check them out and study the videos as well. We are gonna quiz you. HFK site and all the videos you need to study NativeBMX This was personally one of my favorites. But there is too many to choose. So check the flyer below and make sure you stop on out and get what you need to get at the trails house... Casselberry trail jam | Light yourself on fire show. from Gregory Smee on Vimeo. Look at all the sponsors, even lawn care is sponsoring this son of a bitch. Get this on your schedule. Here is another flyer for our friend out in Cali doing the 1st annual April Fools Games. 1st annual doesn't make any sense, but we love these guys and what they do. They have houses where you can stay kinda like a really laid back camp setting up in the mountains. The inside park our course is by far the best use of space I have ever ridden. If your anywhere near the Sanctuary, get in and tell Waylon whats up...They will go out of their way to help and make sure your visit is amazing. I posted two edits from our Profile trip out that way. Fuck I need to make it back...Holla, party, repeat... Profile North Cali Edit from Chad DeGroot/Deco. on Vimeo. Profile Cali Pool trip from Chad DeGroot/Deco. on Vimeo.

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