ASA in Chicago, Gentry explains its like this and like that, like the Dr. Dre song

While Judging for the ASA in Chicago, I was able to film some of the triple jump contest. Koji Killed it, Darden was amazing, Foster is back, and TJ Ellis is cleaning house. Its a pretty good contest and always a good time. They always put us up in a sweet hotel and provide a great wrap party. Chris Gentry was in effect talking about Ridaz. He says "I can do a 540 on a piece of wood". If you watch the video below and still need more Gentry in your life, click on Gentry TV and get everything you need. Nasty was also there, doing the Nasty thing, including talking about how many women he has banged. The video is around 8 minutes, but entertaining and maybe informative? Ridaz gotta ride, ballerz gotta ball, herpez gotta...? ASA in Chicago with Gentry, TJ, Foster, Koji, DeGroot, Darden... Ridaz from chad degroot on Vimeo. This video if from Tampa Pro 2009 nightlife highlights. Gentry decided to swan dive on some chicks windshield. Good thing is we get FREE windshields in Florida. So you could actually do this all the time. I punched my friends windshield and he fucking freaked. I was like, "chill the fuck out, there free". Plus you get a box of steaks with a new windshield. If your hungry, punch a shield and get fed. Take that economy... And if all that isn't enough, a friend of mine changed a sign at his local bar and almost went to jail. We have all seen the signs, wanted to change them. Think forever on what the letters could spell. Well, this is the one that brought this bar to a hault. Imagine driving down the road and seeing THIS. [gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="2"]

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