August Vids, SwampWood, Rolling on dubs

Hurricane IRMA sucked...but this weeks post does not...Fully packed and stacked so dig right in and enjoy. Thank you...and always #decobmx so we can see what your up to. -Chad D August 2017 Vids Working on a new video DecoBMX A-Z TRICKIONARY. Comment below and help us out to fill in the letters we do not have yet...or  your suggestions...and even new trick names. Even do these with #decobmxAZ and we will take a look. #decobmx #bmx @matuptobat A - alley oop/ B - Barspin C - crankflip D - decade E - endo F - Flair G - gyrator H - heel clicker I - Indian air J - jack hammer K - kneelie L - lawn mower M - N - O - oppo P -pendulum Q - R - revert S - superman T - tree frog U - un turndown V - Vader W - whiplash X -Xup wallride Y - Z - Mowing up on a Tuesday! @matuptobat Can not be more thankful to have been in the finals at #voodoojam this past weekend. The event was created to present #flatland in a way that shows how rad it is. Thanks to @scottobmx @redbull and everyone involved that helps make this event so special! Of-course all my other sponsors that pitched in as well! -@terryadamsbmx Such good memories of #LVRspot in #koln this summer! Pic from @melissazucchiatti @thomasnoyer Still no power here in Tampa with minimal internet but I'll take that over a smashed house. Good to not be cooped up this week...back on the solo sessions. Set up the camera, pedaled through a bunch of dried, washed up seaweed and snapped this tree ride overlooking Tampa Bay. So thankful you're still here. -@matt_coplon Upcoming events: Etnies premier at Mr. B's 7pm Friday then Soft Opening of SwampWood Skatepark 8-11pm  
This was sorry. Long live BACO. We will be back...
InstaVids for this week:
Moment of ZEN:

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