Baby human #2

Just completed the American dream, wife, house, baby boy and now our  newest member, Coco DeGroot. Cooper (my son) can already do bar spins and really likes inlines with a soft spot for classical music and re-runs of the Cosby Show. The wife sews, sips on wine, and likes the art of pole dancing. Baby Coco doesn't really know anything yet, cept where the milk comes from and appreciates a good nap. Me, well do you really want me to get into that? I like soft sand, a stinging pilsner, some hot sass, and raw coffee in the morning. I still hat idiot music. Sorry. Coco is already throwing up gang signs, or she is saying "I am #2" Coco trading card To celebrate we  cracked open a bottle of Dom from 1996. I think that was the year I broke my back and thought the world was over.  This is some expensive shit, and tasted real nice, but what the hell are people doing buying this? Dom Saw on the news that some African dust storm was coming over the Atlantic and gonna hit Florida, not do any damage. Just give the sky some great colors. They were right. Packaged up all the baby humans and hit the park, good clean family fun. African sunset Baby Humans love water features in parks. baby human #1 This is a shot to make love to, go a head and use this photo for your magic. Funny that there is a baby human finger in the bottom of the shot, i just noticed that. magic hour almost done

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