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This one is a banger, hate to toot that Deco horn but #decoshocka is popping up all over this world. Spread the shocka and send us pics. First off lets get started with the Japan trip which the pics are still not up, there is over 500 in a folder and I don't want to post them all. So think of why your in bmx then watch the video below. Little emotional but great regardless. Make memories is the key. Make sure you attend the Banned Jam. The candyland skatepark isn't the dream but sessions are always going down and gingle that leg jangle and take a look what we do. Mat Olson at Woodward West is ridiculous as well as his pics. Follow him cause he is everywhere. Hitting us with a ton of pics from trails to school shows and even a quick clip of a wild flair for the kids. Coplon tossed us some pics from Florida and Tulsa where he is on his way to Texas toast. That one is going to be nuts. Tremaine wanted to check in with a few shots while filming his new edit which will drop real soon. THEN, your moments of Zen never let you down. Hit our facebook for up to date news, instagram is loose, and Twitter for some more reading and laughter. Thanks. -Chad D
DECOBMX TEAM CAME TO JAPAN FOR RED BULL CIRCLE OF BALANCE 2012 featuring Hiroshi, Kerry Gatt, and Chad DeGroot DECOBMX MEMORIES - Chad Degroot Kerry Gatt Hiroshi Uehara - from hiroshi430 on Vimeo. HERE is the youtube version The Banned crew is throwing a huge jam in December and wanted to get the word out early. Here’s what Trey Jones had to say: “We are doing a jam in Florida on December 8, this is an idea Rickey always had but never got to make it happen, its similar to the bone deth and fbm jams but with more redneck involved, gonna be a trail jam, obstacle course, one 30 ft jump and a crazy street course, we are trying to get a bunch of people to come make a trip of it since its going to be cold everywhere else and its gonna be perfect weather in FL, everyone can come camp for the weekend and party. We have a Facebook page right now that we just started and we are gonna do updates on what we are building.” Start making plans and get involved, this is gonna be wild! Why not film at our local skatepark? this is part 1 of many edits coming from Candyland skatepark in Longwood Florida. Bikes take part 1 with this chill session starting out with Wesly, getting some action dangling leg jingles with Deener or Jason, Chad D getting some front wheel boogie, and ending with TJ AKA Todd AKA DeGroat AKA I'm gonna try this AKA grams AKA dishwasher AKA I ran out of lines AKA aka.
Traveling all over the country is crazy. You see a lot. What happens before and after school shows could seriously be a reality tv show. Jokes and jokes and jokes. This year has been so good. Its rad to have so much going on. Contests and jams are the best so get out there and start something. I love being a part of such a humble company like Deco. We are out there! From flat to street to dirt and park, people get on it. I see what's good in Deco. Tom is killing it out in CA, and with all the riders out there reppin that good shit you will see a lot more of us on the scene. It's crazy to think that a regular guy like all of us is running shit. Not some corporate office full of suites and ties. Whether its input, traveling, new ideas, or just a laugh, chad gets it. We do this for fun. Earlier this year we came up with a few big donations and some good ideas to get a park built for a fallen rida. Several months of planning and scrambling have finally evolved into a cash purse dirt comp. (my favorite) With help from our community (lake havasu city) and outside sponsors it's set for later this month. 5000 cash and a ton of local goods will go out to all who come to enjoy this event. Dew Tour in San Fran will hopefully give people the opportunity to linger and check out my home town and a very good cause. I know this will help our city grow and honor a fallen soldier who taught me the ways of bmx. Edits are the new videos, and here is a short but sweet edit from Woodward west. I like that it came together to show all the fun we had. Dirt sessions, mega sessions, and even gymnastic sessions are more than enough to keep you busy and having a good time at West. Go hit it up if u ever have the opportunity. Big thanks to everyone who has helped me ride and smile. Deco, Pusher, Profile, MerkemGoods, Ridas in all the cities I have been blessed to see, people on the streets. You can find a friend in almost anyone. Go ride around a new city or town by yourself and explore a little. Some of the best times I have had we're spent with complete strangers. Spread the good word and ride Deco. Lego my deco peace. -Mat Olson
Mat Olson killin it as usual at Camp Woodward West for a few days. Artist: The Black Keys Song: Have Love Will Travel Here are some of Mat's pics from his recent travels. Click for larger image of what your gonna get yourself into at the banned jimmy jam. Coplon on the pipes again and spreading the trees and curving a wall. Mat has a crew pumping the shit out of pics lately, I can't leave one out cause they are all so sweet. Click to enlarge. All by Kincaid. Mat Olson doing school shows, had a chance to film a surfer getting the crowd ready for some wild ass flair. Ya ya...shocka #decoshocka Tremaine has been filming a shit ton lately so get excited, his new edit will be dropping real soon. Coplon checkin in from Tulsa hitting them bricks and laying a classic down. Mat O on location takin his hand off to do the #decoshocka on the ramp during school shows...holla fart and eggs. Click the pics below to see a larger view of the FuForks steer tube. Notice the compression cap is for square so it won’t strip like most others. Our caps are compatible by 80% of forks on the market. Notice the rust on the one steer tube which is the old style and stay away from this.. The new one is upgrade with an extruded area for strength and so the threads hold better for the compression cap. We beefed up the areas that need it most and didn’t sacrifice weight. Moments of ZEN

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