Banner collage, Tremaine Stewart edit, Japan, The Union and Mat Olson, Deco beer?, Josh Eilken edit, Grand Opening

Thanks for all submission for the new banner image, over 100 submissions. Did you make it? Click on it below or go to the main page to see if your on it. Tremaine Stewart edit from Coloradeco. Hiroshi from Japan stopped by to show my bike some tricks. Encounter magazine spread with Chad DeGroot. Mat Olson on The Union interview. Deco beer? Josh Eilken edit, all backwards all day long. FuForks back in stock. Grand opening of Longwood skatepark. Parker skatepark was my local and favorite park in Colorado so I naturally filmed there all the time. This is a mix of some of the best clips I shot there. Riders include Edy Ramirez, Trey Herrera, DECO.'S Tremaine Stewart, Carlos Garcia, JJ and Cory Jarman. Film/Edit Dylan Pfohl Hiroshi from Japan was in town showing how to do some flatland on a fine Deco. piece. Sit tight Japan, Deco. is going to be everywhere... This is a Japanese magazine that is amazing. Chad has a little interview in there, he talks about the trick "Decade" and how it affected his riding.  So if you have a chance check it out. Mat Olson Flair... Mat Olson has a sweet interview up on The Union. Every time I type that I want to type the onion, not sure why. Anyways, check it out right meow. Not sure what is in the water in NJ, but dudes are going buck nutty on themselves. We love it for sure, but on the knee cap...dang. More love for that location. Drink fine ass Deco. beer. Josh has been running Deco. goods for a minute. Click below to see some of the best backwards action I have seen in a longtime. We love you long time Josh... Josh Eilken Edit...CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT On a product note, we have black FuForks back in stock this week with and without tabs. So hit us up or hit up finer retailers for the best forks in BMX, FuForks son. Longwood has a small park, and with some coming donations, it will be even sweeter real soon. It is open, but please attend the Grand Opening and support the community and the vendors. Thanks for all the support. See ya there, Deco. will have a booth for sure.

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