The Best and worst, FLEER trading card situation, and Oprah tee is out

This post has a lot going on, starting with why Baco 11 is taking so long. Then it goes right into two videos Chad has good reason to post again. The whole FLEER trading card reasoning. Lastly the long awaited Oprah tee which is going to limited cause Oprah's staff found out about this already and is putting it to rest. So get them HERE while they last. This is a little interview about why Baco 11 has been taking so long.
Boo-"So what is up with Baco 11 and why isn't it done yet?" Chad- "That isn't the easiest thing to answer. Dave and I are both sitting on a ton of footage, but I used mine in the second edit below. I felt like it was taking to long and some of that footage I spent a lot of time filming. Its shitty cause most of it is tri-pod, but I feel its really hard to have someone sit there for hours while I try what I think could work." "My idea was to do a box set but there is more than a few factors keeping that from happening." Boo- "So what your saying is you want to push Deco more than keep your old flame, Baco, alive and put the Deco title on your edit instead of Baco?" Chad- "Ya, Baco can suck it. No, I want them both to do well, but Baco is really a name now that we can use for anything specially a contest or jam. We are still going to do the Baco halloween jam, just not this year. The great thing about Baco is we can do it anywhere. We love the time of the year for the Halloween thing as  you know. Dressing  up shitty and going buck nutty is what Baco is about. Once Mesh closed it was hard to calm down about the Baco jam. Shit, the last one we did at Mesh was pretty shitty, mainly cause I had to choke up, suck it up, and announce we were closing the doors. That was one of the hardest things to do aside from telling my dad I really am straight." Boo- "Is your dad straight?" Chad- "I have no doubt he is straight, shit, he is more than straight. Is that possible? I put him through so much shit its unreal. From breaking my back and him taking care of me to all my friends telling him I am gay. With me being a parent now it makes me realize those funny things as a kid really make your parents think. Not in a good way. They always thought I was crazy on a bike, but always supported me. Boo- "So tell us about the video parts below and what they mean." Chad- "The first one is one that will live on for a long time. My part in Baco 10. Great song, good times from Mission Skatepark to car crashing to fighting in the ring. That is how I want Baco 11 to be, but living up to it is different now. I had to really focus this year on a lot of things and it hasn't given me the chance to travel and get buck nutty. This section was the my last one of DVD as well. The internet has slowed down the video premier and sped up the web edit. I fell into this pattern and got itchy so I released my footage for Baco on a web edit and ended with Call it how you like, but I feel some of the clips in that edit have a lot of meaning with Mesh being closed and so many good memories." Boo- "Why did Mesh really close down?" Chad- "That is a long story and can and will be in more detail in my book coming out next year. In a nut shell, there were 3 partners total. We all had our duties but didn't really look over each others till the last year. So it started to slip... and to try and come back from a sure disaster would be impossible. One partner left and the other I bought out. So the last whole year I decided to try and make it work while pulling out my hair and watch it slowly go gray. This story could go on, but it bums me out a bit, so" be continued Boo-"Your a fag, get to the good shit." Chad-"No. Check out the vids below and tell me you don't want to see Baco 11?"
FLEER approached a select few to do trading cards back in 1999. So we went to work sending in pics and a short bio for the back. Somehow they received this joke pic of me doing a side levitator with a Snoopy shirt on in Bud's Barn at Woodward. They produced them and sent them all to me to sign and send back. Well I complained and never sent them back, just a new photo. They agreed to remake them. I still have a ton of these but they are really rare since they were never in circulation. This is the back. Funny face fool. I had to come up with a nickname for myself so I used "Stretch". It was retarded but I told them I liked to stretch a lot. Stupid shit... This is the official FLEER card that went into circulation and even sold in 7-11's and everwhere. I was real happy with this pic for a few reasons, it was shot by Freimuth at the ever-so-famous skatepark KONA. It took me awhile to get this cause a wall tap on a round pole and out of a deep as shit bowl wasn't my cup of tea, but it was that day. Here is the back, they changed my profile pic for some reason and you can't see my face. I was over it at this time and told them it was perfect. It is perfect right? Here she is, the most powerful woman in the world sucking on a Deco. logo. Get one before she sends a laser beam down on the Deco headquarters and makes us all suck her minge.

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