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My day consists of numerous tasks but always going to the Post Office to ship out boxes n packages. Get out of my car, sunny, warm, and almost to many to carry in one trip. But I force it and can do this. Set down the boxes to adjust weights n sizes. Pop up to talons doing a drive by or fly by trying to take me away or at least my head. Look up and see a mid size black n white bird (story would be better if it was a bald eagle or a sand crane) flying away. Instantly jump in my car and feel blood on a few of my fingers. Grab my hand sanitizer and doing a ghetto wash job. In shock that a bird would think I am tasty and may take me away as food. Have to ship my boxes just don't want to be bleeding. Go inside and no one is there, weird. Ask the attendant if he wants to see something funny...rewind back the security cameras. When I told him a bird attacked me he had a shock look on his face. After the transaction I told him thanks and he said "watch out for birds". This is like getting struck by lighting or catching a bullet in your teeth...doesn't happen. But it did. Enjoy this week and weekend. And don't look tasty to birds, or do it...but always have hand sanitizer to clean up with...-Chad D matuptobatStoked to still be pushing my limits at 30. I had such a great time riding with the crew. Chasing @davidperazafollowed by @alexxschlink@superherostuntteam thankful for the opportunity to shred with shred homies. #bmx #az #decobmx #pusherbmx#profileracing #travel #ride tsutomukitayama????? ???????????????????? ???????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????? ????????????????????? Pics by @hikarufunyu ?? tsutomukitayamaI enjoyed BMX's day! ??????????????29?? ??????JFBF JAPAN CUP#1 ????????????????????4?????????????????????? ?????????????????????? ?????????????2??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????? ??ics? from @jason_halayko ryantorrancebmxSeeing all this bowl action from the #vansbmx comp I had to get a sesh in at a park I never ride due too its weird hours.... but it has a very nice set up!! I have more clips from today soon!????? markmulvilleBig thanks to my good pal, @joshmcelweephoto on toughing the heavy winds to snap this shot of me! I’m always a fan of riding palm trees and I’ll always be a fan of Florida! Check out the new lids and tool bag out NOW...Plus Mat Olson tees. Upcoming events: InstaVids for this week:

Check the deuce bubs @terryadamsbmx hit him to #100k all day #decobmx #bmx

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