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This week was cut short do to Dew tour food poisoning. OH man could I describe this in detail but I won't describe the fluids loss and amount of pain this caused me. If you know you know, if you don't, you have no clue. So with that said YES there is coverage from Dew Tour in Ocean City which was pretty dope, great weather, amazing BMX, and Team Frame rider TA taking home 3rd place with his clean smooth style.  Coplon had the pleasure of a sweet covered pool pocket session before getting the cops called, nothing happened...all talk from the neighbor. Pick up the new BMX Plus to see it stacked with Deco deliciousness throughout the whole issue care of Chris Arriaga. Tsutomu celebration continues... Check the dudes face-book. And your moments of Zen care of Mullet, Darryl, and Chad relaxing in OC. Go get that weekend like it wants you to...get me pics. Enjoy bubs...holla  back next week. -Chad D     Coplon in a lil slice of heaven pocket style #mattknowsdeco #decobmx #florideco #profileracing Pic up the August 2013 issue of BMX Plus to see Mat Olson road trip all over Texas and more... that is pretty insane, Matt Coplon new Profile Racing ad, and Terry Adams lil interview about being on Deco frames. #matknowsdeco @mattknowsdeco #taknowsdeco So much in this issue...get up on it... Check out recap of Flatland at Dew Tour in Ocean City with Terry Adams landing 3rd place on the beach. Great pics and video... Here are a few more pics from Voodoo Jam in NOLA with Tsutomu featured taking home 1st place. Keep in mind the Succubus lite he is riding is only available in Japan, they will be showing up really soon so keep posted. We will try to get a few in the USA but its a Japan exclusive. Its know it. #gettoknowdeco Coplon never lets us down, here he is at the Banes Backyard and antoher in Ybor hopping. #mattknowsdeco #profileracing That ranglan is looking real nice. Links to check out...Deco dudes doing it big. Here is their Facebook pages, don't forget to check the TEAM PAGE which changes with updates every week. On those pages is their links to all Instagram and other ways to follow and reasons WHY. These dudes are doing it, see it. Mat Olson Chad DeGroot the goat Terry Adams Tsutomu Hiroshi Taylor Bondage Tremaine Gatt Josh Mr. Filth Coplon TJ Degroat I usually don't do this but I am going to leave it up to you people to decide if we should make this tee...Take a close let me know... Your moments of ZEN

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