BMX sessions start at Oviedo Rippin Riverside Skatepark

Okay everybody, Heres some OFFICIAL word. BMX 6 Month TRIAL will start January 2nd. Sessions will be: Monday & Wednesday from 3-5pm. & Saturday from 12-3pm. Pricing will be as follows: Monday & Wednesday: Resident* ($4.00) Non Resident ($6.00) Saturday: Resident ($5.00) Non Resident ($7.00) PLEASE NOTE: BMX: ALL EQUIPMENT ON BIKES MUST BE CAPPED IN PLASTIC OR RUBBER, NO EXCEPTIONS. (Handlebars, Pegs, and Pedals. Skate boarding and Rollerblading will NOT take place during BMX Sessions. Any questions please feel free to ask ill try to be quick and responsive. A message to our Skate Boarders: We understand a good amount of people are upset about this decision, but we ask you please give it a chance, and not to completely give up on us. We will try to keep the park clean, and fixed up. -D.G. I copied and pasted my post from our "LIKE" page witch i hope you can also promote at We are switching over to that site for main use. also if you need to get in direct contat with me at any time my name is Damien Gravois, (D.G.) and you can search me on fb any time. any questions please feel free to ask. so far we only have 54 ppl see the original post about this so not a huge following yet, we want a huge turn out.
1608 Lockwood Blvd, Oviedo, FL (407) 971-5585 30,000 square feet of lighted skate park with street course and bowls. Office area is adjacent to Riverside Park.

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