BMX update for Oviedo Skatepark

Ovideo skatepark BMX news:
The committee they created to study “allowing BMX bikes in the park” came up with a tentative plan. He said the plan was to allow a trial period of 6 months with 2 weekday and one sat session. Their biggest concern was the perimeter fencing and minimal room for the bikes in certain areas. Normal restrictions such as plastic pedals and pegs will be required. The plan was being presented to the city manager this week and if there are no objections or problems they plan to create flyers and other advertising to announce the beginning of the trial period. Dru is going to get back to me once the plan is cleared and get some flyers for me to get out to the players. He anticipates beginning around the first week in January!
So check back here and we will let you know when the good news is going to happen. -Chad D

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