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Rearranged this weekly page to feature the instavids first. You may have been caught up on everything we post here but know in the past you had to scroll down. COPS COPS COPS were on hand for the Longwood Mr. B's BMXDAY street ride. videos are posted up all over with a huge turnout and crew to do something cool. Cops threw a wrench into it but we rolled out of it with a good story. New throwbacks are popping up as the past is how we got to the present. Stop back often to see them and know they are popping up on our FB with full videos and galleries but also on Insta if we can fit em. August is here and where did June and July go? Enjoy your rest of this month and weekend. Never let the weekend end. THE END. -Chad D InstaVids for the week:
  Before the Mr. B's Longwood Street Ride and Candyland jam Matt Coplon snapped a few pics of the locals @mrbikesnboards (all on the insta right meow) but featured Ryan Torrance, Scott and Chad D...check below. Ryan Torrance Mr. Flip Darkside into hand pumping this and laying it low. Chad Degroot #1 Mid switch wheel chair to whip to half packer. Degroot #2 Scott is known for a crash here and there. Captured but committed to tuck and roll. And a no handed one footed hang 5 in circle. Scott Fall #2 Scott Weaver #1 This is laying it low and in control. Scott Weaver #2 This is out of control and tuck and roll. Scott Weaver #3 Some wild pedal 5 position? Have to wait and see the video. Scott Weaver #5 Backwards one footed mannie while holding the cross bars...damn. Also check out his BIKE CHECK here where there is more pics and info Degroot #5 Foot hooker picking it up and giving her a runny nose. Full. Scott Weaver #6 Never seen this one pedal 5 can can in a circle style. Awesome. Scott Weaver #7 Matt Closson LA Street Series shot by @galacticseabass Matt Closson la street Matt Closson la street 2   Takuya Higa from Japan doing what he does best, dropping jaws when you see him ride in person...check these recent pics out. Takuya front switch Takuya huge crowd Takuya spin Was so excited I have to post this new handlebar @tbonds69 and myself been working on. Here is the sticker. Top one is me when I ride for that company. They used the name I gave them plus my side view pic. Bottom is our @decobmx version with Taylor Bonds side profile. I will post specs on this soon. Know they are a big boxy style bar with specs as Taylor asked but sure as shit I'm gonna ride em. #DecoBMX #mustache#bmx please send all TM infringements to -Chad D Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 9.39.46 PM
We are doing a series of Throwback from Deco riders. This can be their videos or videos that stand out. Plus start it here is Hiroshi Uehara loving the 1994 BS series stop #4 in Chicago. Enjoy and stop back often to see more.
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