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Happy 4th USA, was a good weekend and that is why this post didn't go up Friday. 1st off congrats to Tsutomu for winning Gshock real toughness in Japan, more to come on that and he is on a winning streak. Winners win. As you notice we changed the header image to Tsutomu and the new postcards featuring him and Tom are out now. Check them below and hit me up if you want one. Otherwise they are included with all orders. Tons of new stickers and even hashtag ones to represent. Tom hits you with the first video, music video, so put on your boogie shoes and check Tom riding down an escalator. Mat Olson checks in on his break, putting in some work at the local park and pump track. The Albion is an amazing magazine, if you can get it. So for all of those who can't I decided to put the Rise and Fall of Baco featured in the new issue. Shitty title but read it up and Baco surprises coming at the end of this year. Meister and Filth caught up and got us pics, check them. Then there is Facebook, posted up more than a few videos of Chad, Terry, and more, all embedded for your convenience. Real bummed there is no moments of Zen this week. Little help? Lots of new products are here, check the site under PRODUCTS to see all the good stuff. Thanks. -Chad D

Two new postcards out now featuring Tom Villarreal and Tsutomu Kitayma.

Toms pic by Mario Gorman

DECO Sunday: Matt Coplon vs. the SPoT Bowl.

It was a real crappy weekend here. Within 48 hours, I counted 12 storms (pour, stop and clear up, pour again).
Although I was able to get in a quick session at SPoT on Sunday, cabin fever put me in front of the computer where I put together this edit. Filmed on Sunday, June 30th. From 1pm until 3:00pm. Thanks to DECO and The Skatepark of Tampa for their support. Filmed and edited by Matt Coplon. DECO Sunday: Matt Coplon vs. the SPoT Bowl. from TBR BMX on Vimeo. Trying to find Deco. stickers? HERE YOU GO or go to your local Authorized Dealer.

Paul Oakenfold & Disfunktion feat. Spitfire - Beautiful World (Official Music Video) With Tom Villarreal BMX

Tom has been getting into some commercials and other wild occasions while in LA, here he is riding in a music video. Rolling down the escalator was rad. Check it below. Mat Olson checked in, from school shows to halftime shows for NBA finals, things are cooling down...check the words an pics below. Skatepark pics by: Alex Hammet  So shows have been slowing down a bit for the summer. Outside of a few special events, the summer season is a much needed break. The halftime show was nuts! tons of security for the thousands of fans swarming the place. The show went perfect , Morgan and Terry killed it as usual. I love shows, they get me pumped, but riding the trails or hitting the streets with a bunch of friends is where it's at.     Lately I have been digging a pump track in one of my friend's back yards. His son is a super good racer, so the track is a good way to train and keep bmx fun. There will definitely be some wild lines in this thing...     I have been working on a new edit hitting the streets parks and trails out here in Dallas ft worth. There is quite a bit to ride the more I search. It's just spread out. But seriously, It's hot as hell out here! I am trying to tell ya... Swimming is a necessity. I need to make more trips to all of the lakes around me, see I'd I can't sneak my way into a wake boarding/ skating sesh. Take it easy, hope it stays breezy, fart. -Mat Olson ust in time for Merica day 4th of July American Family Deco tee with Mat Olson doing the lawn mower. Pic by: WWW.IRIEAZPHOTO.COM #decobmx #matknowsdeco Check out all the Tees in stock right meow HERE. Stock changes weekly and some of these designs are risky. Take caution. Since the Albion is not released in the USA anymore, shit sucks, here is the Rise and Fall of Baco. Title sucks a whole shaft but you get the point. If you don't know Baco get to know Baco. This happens when supporters back out of advertising plus a few other mistakes and lack of support for a good thing. This magazine is pretty thick, edgy, great writing, and something you should read. But if your in the USA, good luck bubs. Here you go. Enjoy and let your mind wander. Sorry if you have to read 11 pages worth, that comment is for the dumb asses. Mike Meister pic stolen off the Pusher BMX shop facebook of their mountain trip. Could watch Mike do tucks all day long. MR. Filth getting his BBQ on... #johnnyknowsdeco Tremaine stewart just slapped this quick line IN YOUR FACE. ?#decobmx ?#tremaineknowsdeco ?#coloradeco Chad D takes you on a pivot around the world in front of Mr. B's ?#flatland ?#bmx ?#decobmx ?#chadknowsdeco TA or Terry Adams rolling on 20's in his tight backyard slab doing whiplashes for y'all. ?#decobmx ?#flatland ?#taknowsdeco In the middle of a link, then I hear a crash...Big Dave flipped backwards on my other bike and landed his back on the curb, knocked the wind out of him... -Chad D TA full bar flip pivots and hitches on his backyard dream setup slab... ?#decobmx ?#taknowsdeco ?#flatland ?#dreams

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