Where do I start? I get a call to have me drive down to Ft. Lauderdale for a meeting. This is a project we have been working on for months, so I am pretty excited that we have the green light. Pretty sure I am  not going to give you any of the details, but I will talk about what I did see this nice sunny day. With all the pics below, they do pertain to BMX. Your gonna guess a lot of things, but this deal is going to be pretty wild and big. So I am just gonna brag about the boat I was on and what I saw. So I show up an hour late, as usual these days. They tell me to get on a boat so I do. Then the boat starts to leave. Ohh shit, where are we going? Just cruising around the area then down to Miami. Crap, I didn't plan on this, but I am game for the ride on a 55 foot yacht. 8 hours late I can tell you we all drank a bunch of beer, ate some good food, and laughed a lot. Funny thing is this is how this company does business. Makes me realize how crazy BMX will get you in some of the wildest situations and locations. More to come once I can talk more about it. Till then, sit back and enjoy the view. Miami  1 These are some of the boat show contestants. There were helicopters on boats, 4 story boats, and some all chromed out. Miami  2 On the ride down to miami, 30 miles, we went through 20 bridges at least. This was the view most of the way. Miami  3 To get on the front of this boat wasn't easy. I almost fell in the drink  trying to get back. You had to hang on the side of the boat with a little railing. Miami  4 Miami vice style boats were blazing all over. Soo much extra money to burn. Miami  5 The view from behind. Miami  6Miami  7 This boat had a garage in the back area with two speed boats and 10 jet skis just waiting for the staff to unload. This boat could have been the winner... Miami  8 This is a view of the real estate that we passed, every house had a pimp ass boat that was bigger than my house, parked right out front of their house. Miami  9Miami  10 So now my goal isn't to be rich, its to know people who are really rich so I don't have to worry about taking care of these wild ass boats and lifestyles. I'm rich bitch.

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