Broken front window and theft at Mr. B's

On April 30th at 3:26am the front window was broken at our temporary spot at 952 one door down from 950 our original shop location with a brick from the Pic n Save construction. A few bikes and more were stolen including a Deco high end complete and the United x Cinema collabo. This is horrible for BMX, our scene, Longwood, and just crappy that people can do this. Our alarm didn't let them stay for to long but they did enough damage and theft to last a lifetime. Karma and other sources will take care of this matter and we have more than a few leads. Thanks for your support in our temp shop and know we will be back in the original location soon and know we are open 7 days a week and this can't stop us. Any info contact thanks. -Chad D 10250322_547759842007658_8887155296463994120_n

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