Calm before the storm

This is truly the calm before the storm. Our huge shipment is arriving here in less than two weeks, so we are twiddling our thumbs. Sorry there has been an overload of bmx on these posts, it has been all good and our riders are amazing. So for this post were gonna step back, give you a few pics to ponder, wrap them up with a few stories, then hit you where it hurts. Enjoy... Caught this dude at the grocery store buying 5 huge cans of Fosters and some milk. I would love to party with this dude, unbuttoned shirt, shades ready at any given glimpse of sun, and overall to catch a predator. There is some history and future to this photo. Let me explain...its called a "DeGroot" by the founder. Its basically a hot dog in a pint. The Dog leaves a rim of grease and allows you to chug faster. Its also a hit by rainbow crowd. Meat. Ask for it by name, drink it in vain, see clowns in your coffee the next day. Flatland flyer. Check it out, we sponsor shit. We're big time. Support Tag. Also give it up for Clay and Pusher. Holla. Can you design the look of a bike company after these dudes? Answer..."YES". Legend Joe Johnson taking the meat stick mustache and Deco to new levels. Lastly, part one of the 3rd of July bike ride or crawl. This is only a few clips, more to come... 3rd of July Bike crawl part one from Capt Knucklenap on Vimeo. One more Lastly, Japan has brought Deco into Tokyo and they are making moves, hit this video up HERE

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