Candyland Skatepark additions

Candyland Skatepark, located at 599 Longdale Ave in Longwood, Florida has been around for years. Initial modular obstacles started the park, then some big changes with the first gofundme for the Metal candy corn and two uneven grind ledges. The recent FRDAP 100k grant help add the asphalt to the pump track.

Most parks don't make changes or additions but the City of Longwood has ok'd this donation.  

Once the $10k goal is reached, the construction will be done by Nate Wessel and crew.

Pictured are some of the ideas we came up, with from input from numerous people, that will fit into the flow of the current park. The sizes and dimensions can changed due to the budget. Every dollar helps to improve this FREE skatepark to make it flow better, increase lines, and update this fun park. Please share this so we can meet our goal and start construction right away. A little goes a long way. In person donations can be made at Mr. B's, located at 250 S. Ronald Reagan BLVD #118 Longwood, Fl 32750 407-790-4964.

Spread the good news and lets meet our goal.


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