Casselberry trails jam, fire, beer, the dil, dirt, dirt bags, and some boobs

You don't have to do anything you don't want to do. Your new teeth can turn yellow like the sun, you can spray people with a fire extinguisher, or you can lite yourself on fire. The Casselberry trails house was suppose to be sold at auction, actually it did cause james and aaron woke up late to go bid on it. After some work they own the house. Not sure if you want to have that as your first dream house, but fuck it...the trails are running amazing and the scene is loose. Dogs, bikinis, fire, beer, fireworks, and a little bmx is always a great way to spend a sunday. With a warm day, no rain, and some adult beverages, the trails jam was nuts. Soo many people came by to show their support. Donate $10 and get a shirt and a handfull of dirt, maybe a tit shot here or there. Matt Coplon's band played in the house and Colt Fake decided after some talking to, to just light a backpack on fire, not himself. He did it while the band was playing. He only used a gallon of gas, so it was an enormous flame and more than a few cans of beer to put it out. Holy shit the band could not believe it. What do they expect, the name of their band is Light Yourself on Fire... Don't forget to check out for more pics daiperdog Casselberry trail jam | Light yourself on fire show. from Gregory Smee on Vimeo. [gallery]

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