Fisrt off I would like to apologize for the lull in posts and the quality of them. With Xmas and New Years you would think there would be titties all over this site. There still is, but BMX has been getting more time than the good shit. At new years I was talking to a dude from NY and he said its what BMX needs, tits. I couldn't agree more. So that is why the first pic is a sweet set. But if you look close, one looks sad. Maybe this set was on a budget? Maybe they got pounded? Maybe its on purpose. Scroll down and let me know what you think. Were back on that ass. New Profile ad in RIDE UK only. If you like coffee you will like some quality hubs, stem, and sprocket in Chad DeGroot Coffee colorway. Would you? Jerry Peel might be on house arrest, but he is still throwing bmx jams. If your in the area get down there get a win at the tournament. This pic is the best. Its Scott Powell. He is balding a little bit, spread eagle, and his high tops have extensions on them to make them higher. Papa Chenga... This is our new micro ad in DIG. Roaches are taking over. Sticker packs are available HERE. Lastly this is a video sent to me with the main focus on womens lines, or their boob cut. Sing along if you like.

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