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Not sure if you scroll all the way down but the instagram vids this week are top notch. Also want to thank everyone for getting us up to 13k on our @decobmx instagram. I received a sponsorship from Torque and all details are below, but know they want to support BMX and grow this bitch. Also check out my FENCES bike check and next week an interview with the artist on the bike path, going to get him to ride a bit to. Karl Poynter has spots and all his photos are so good. BMX Plus RIP but I had my column DECADES and going to post up my last few that will never see print. Get excited. Matt Closson on that BLNTD pics. Check out upcoming events. If you have any Deco related news, pics, or just want to show us what is up send them to and keep on the look out for moment of Zen as I need some...thank you. -Chad D As seen on @torquebmx CHAD DEGROOT @chaddegroot joins the team. His bike check video will be up on Wednesday you don't want to miss this. #decobmx #bmx #growbmx #torquebmx #flatland @profile_racing #pbte @tsutomukitayama,8796 Chad D torque welcome Also check out Chad's new bike check and more HERE. Karl Poynter finding a new spot and giving it a fakie. @karlqpoynter #decobmx Karl fakie wedge wonder Here is the last BMX PLUS issue that I was proud to be on the other side of the lens as Freimuth was quoted his first pic riding was in Plus and his last pic he took is in up...all by Chad DeGroot Appleton Telulah skatepark "Back in the early BACO days, Telulah skatepark was one of our favorite spots. We made the most of the old quirky layout, but some my favorite tricks caught on film went down there. Today our newly designed Telulah park gives the local BMX scene a real boost! The grand opening celebration was great and actually doubled as a reunion of the original BACO crew... I'm lucky to still be a part of the fun, the good riding and the lasting friendships." –Mark Fluette. The original Telulah park was simple but we made the best of it. The new telulah park is upgraded and a perfect start for riders to begin their journey in the great world of BMX. It's amazing to see the current riders already making the best of it. –Brian Kachinsky “I was lucky enough to be around for the conception, city council battles, construction, and epic first sessions of the Tellulah Park... There was nothing else of its kind, public skateparks simply didn't exist in the Midwest. It's great that this story is finally being told, John Tasch and his raggedy crew of skate punks did something astounding, well ahead of its time. A perfect example of what a few determined individuals all on the same page can accomplish. Cheers Appleton!” Dave Freimuth “Back in the early 90’s at the original Telulah park, I learned most all of my box jump variations boosting out of a small concrete quarter to flat on top of the grass bank it was built into.  Fast forward 25 years, although the old janky quarter is long gone and has been replaced by a new modern park, it is cool to see that some things never change.  There is a whole new generation of riders that can be regularly seen getting their x-ups, turn downs, no handers, and 360s dialed in, boosting out of the new bowl to flat in the grass.”  Mark Hilson “Growing up so close to this park, it was our go-to spot. The name Telulah brings back so many good times and hours of sessions trying stuff. We always rolled in a crew. Never solo… and always had each other’s backs filming and supporting. The new updated park is bringing out the old dawgs for a session and the newbies claiming their local spot. All the generations have to be excited for this new BMX friendly free spot.” Chad DeGroot   All Riding pics by Dave Freimuth. Two park layout pics by Chad DeGroot Captions: Grand opening weekend Brian Kachinsky was fresh off a crash that took him out so he stepped up and announced the BMX demo. Talking about old times, tricks pulled at the old park, and how good this new set up is…and always thanking the community for supporting a free park that is bike friendly. The park entrance has a really steep quarter shaped up into and “A” for Appleton skatepark. Chad DeGroot gets precise with an ice pic with very narrow room for error and the tightest transition in the park. Bringing his whole family up from Florida to make this help out in the BMX demo. Even his son Cooper was riding in the demo. This is a new generation but OG’s like Chad had to go back to his flatland roots with a rocket ice pick grind on the perfect rail set up. Every wedge you can imagine. Hip wedge, wide wedge, wedges for miles. Taking this one bar dip style like a Miami hopper pushing the bars right into the camera lens. Chad felt right at home and it showed. Appleton rippers were shredding all day. And with this park only being open for a short time the locals had all the lines. It showed with this bar-spin to fakie at height pulled every time and since it was sunny the shades made this pic even better. So much flatland and history in BMX is from the Appleton area. One of Baco’s originators…now serving as the owner of Active Bike and Fitness, your go to local BMX shop. Mark Fluette keeping it real Miami hopper style on the wedge hip. With this being a grand opening and clocking over 500 bikers, skaters, and more. Riders from all over Wisconsin were in attendance showing support. In true Tim Knoll original style with flipping the bike upside down and grinding the back peg and handlebars. Taking advantage of the sweet rail setup and giving his twist as always…pulling it clean. BMX Plus Decades Nov2015  

MATT CLOSSON Tires to tires from my section ????: @galacticseabass@bluntedathletics #bmx #decobmx@mattclosson

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 7.29.33 AM BACK IN STOCK and new 4.5" 25% more free size ACTION BARS peg combo. Deco-pc-pegs-on-table Upcoming events: Texas Jam IMG_4707crack dad nov 1  
TERRY ADAMS going ham and pushing it in his garage. Press play. @terryadamsbmx #decobmx #bmx #flatland A video posted by DecoBMX (@decobmx) on
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