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This post is going to start some shit for sure. Might leave you empty, might give you a frame, might get you some new clothing, might start you on fire, and could start your weekend right. Boiled eggs. Just had to say that. Ever seen someone eat like a dozen in one sitting? LIKE us on Facebook and or FOLLOW us on instagram decobmx09, two ways to win. AND  hit up your local dealer or get me your requests cause the stock is limited run. Chad DeGroot gets a little deep on BMX and the plant based diet and taps into a few other details in his interview, check his new Profile Ad in Ride Magazine to. He also throws the darkside meat move in your face. WIN a Profile ranglan, bird tee, AND beanie by LIKE chad degroot on facebook and/or FOLLOW chaddegroot on instagram.  Mat Olson behind the lense with Travis Kincaid with a ton of high quality pics and sweet moves, thanks Travis. Also Mat and crew get nutty in the edit posted below, so fresh and so clean...crispy even. Mike Meister gets in your face with a bike check. And Rick Ross checks in sporting the fresh Deco sunglasses. Don't forget to HASHTAG #deco #decobmx #decoshocka  #bmx #flatland #decobeards #fun ...every post and everything online in comments. Thanks for all  your support, support your local shop, and get excited Deco is here to stay. Send me pics, stories, funny vids, anything and it doesn't have to be BMX related. Love you -Chad D
    Check out Chad on ESPN talking in his shop about Deco, riding, being plant based, and in it for the long haul...pretty funny he doesn't want to be a fat american. Mat Olson getting it done, amazing pics by Travis Kincaid. Click on these to blow up. Tbog that rail, whip dem steps, and chuck them bars down a flight. Follow this kid.
We met up at Richardson bike mart where the owners gave us a van a trailer and a budget to go to the allied jam in Austin. Supplied with everything under the sun, we set out to build our shanty town at the event. We had coolers packed with beer and food, pop up tents with walls for pre game safety meetings, and a sweet dirt course right in our front yard. We brought 10 riders from 17 to 31. Everyone killed it the first night with a dialed night sesh. Thanks to everyone that pitched in to help with the event. It was a blast! Finals were nuts with promar Andy Martinez and a slew of amazing riders throwing down. After a long weekend and a ton of riding, I walked away with a sun tan and 500 in cash. Empire threw out some awesome grab bags for all the finalists. That was a treat! Support bmx, keep it local, and have good times. #life -Mat Olson
Ohh the darkside. This trick to this day is fun. When I am 50 I will still be doing this. It started as an accident then led into the transition from front wheel to back or vice versa. This pic by James Covington captures it at the best point, one hand on the front tire, one on the back, both feet off, and in motion. Good times, go packers, ra ra 2013 shocka. -Chad D
Mario Kaluski checked in from Germany with a huge pile of bikes in the background. Check him out on his Team Page bio HERE.     WIN Profile Racing ranglan, tee, and beanie by LIKE 'n and or FOLLOW chaddegroot in instagram. Winner will be picked in two weeks. Tag this, post this, share this. Also check out for all their soft goods. -Chad DeGroot     Chad DeGroot new Profile Racing ad Featured in the March/April 2013 issue of Ride Magazine. Pic by Rob Dolecki. Taken next to I-4 and SR 434 in Longwood. FOLLOW CHAD ON INSTAGRAM CHADDEGROOT AND FACEBOOK CHAD DEGROOT #profileracing #decoshocka  and LIKE decobmx on Facebook We took a trip to the Allied Compound in Manor, TX. Thanks to those guys for having us and letting us camp and ride. Thanks to Richardson Bike Mart for making this trip happen. Riders- Mike Puyear, Joe Carroll, Joe Ladd, Ross Blanford, Landon Gideon, Mat Olson RBM Allied Compound Trip from alex hammett on Vimeo. FREE all day session at Oviedo Skatepark in Central Florida. Deco will be vending and making people laugh, so if your in the area stop by and ride one of the best skateparks in Florida for FREE. Matt Coplon interview on DATA BMX CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT Mike Meister checking in with a bike check on, nicely riding a piv post, headset, and cable...thanks for the support big armed dude. Your moments of Zen If you like to laugh, CLICK ON THIS

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