Chris Duncan interview part 1

Brian Tunney at ESPN did a good interview with Chris, click here to check it out, for sure worth it to get a feel of what goes on in his mind. But as you know, this is the other side of Chris , unedited for your reading and viewing pleasure. This is part one of an ongoing interview that might take years. He was quoted as saying “I’m on the Mystery ship and I’m enjoying the ride.” After seeing Chris Duncan’s name all over the comeup board as CDC, I wanted to see what really goes on with Chris. He lived down here in Florida, now he resides north of San Francisco. I got to know Chris pretty good when we were filming for Baco 9, he has some awesome lines from Mission Skatepark. Then he moved out to Cali and started doing the Cali thing. One time we were out drinking and he was out of his mind. He walked up to a black chick and said, “ Hey girl, I wanna get some of that chocolate love”, not sure how it turned out, but I knew he had gone to another level. Then he started popping up in mountain bike magazines. Well, to make this intro short, lets get to the bottom of this; this is Chris Duncan for your enjoyment…Here you go, lets get this started:Not sure how to start this interview, maybe with a banger or work up to it? Which would you prefer? I'm definitely down with the banger to start. I’m thinking that the first question you might ask could be indigenous to Florida because there are some legends of my antics floating around those parts. There is a common thought that Colt Fake was infected with the soul of my neo red neck nakedism. I was riding Fla trails naked in 96. Balls tight. cdcthumb I decided to find Chris on facebook and he accepted and this was his first comment. “I was just thinking about the interview and its better to do it on the email because I get all emails to my phone too. But since we are bombing the system we should face book-it too” So are you originally from Florida? Are you going to come back? I’m originally from Florida. I was born in Ft Lauderdale & my parents moved the clan up north in like 1983. I was an only child and I had a very interesting childhood too. My dad has been my dad since I was 2-1/2, but I fully forgot that he wasn't my real dad by age 18 because I was just a stupid toddler that couldn't remember that my real father left me at age two. What’s fucked up is that 2-year-old toddlers are still dumb even with all the technical learning advancements of what Fisher Price has contributed the toddler culture. They should focus on creating better toddler toys that focus on the pertinence of who your real father or mother really is. The toys could be hooked up to a satellite that relays to the children who their real father is. A paternity law passed by Obama in the White House can deal with legalities of parents that would rather keep the truth from their kids. Basically Fisher price would have random auto-suggestions come out of hidden speaks in the toys that assure the toddlers the truth of their actual parents. The law would be for toddler’s rights to know the truth. Toddlers are kinda like animals, so this would be similar to all that peta shit that Pamela Lee endorces. See if I knew from the start that my dad was cool, but I never knew he wasn't my blood. I would of been in the know with better Fisher Price toys, ya know? See I kinda cracked up at age 21 when I met my real father for the first time in Ohio. I was like shit, fuck, god dam!  However, without my family induced mental illness or narcistic awesomeness we would be with out the CDC. Basically, we are better off that I'm funkled. models_core_tour_chris_duncan Chris is impressing me thus far with his answers, most interviews are pretty boring and short answers…this is gonna be good. He then sends me this, I didn’t even ask him these questions, and he starts asking me questions. chad1 I am pretty political. I voted John M for one reason only, I hoped that gas prices would rise! I wanted that to happen because I have a vintage bike restoration company called When gas is higher I sell more bikes. Republicans are all about "fuck it make them pay!"  I endorse everything that Obama does though. I like it that he's black. The blacks wanted to be president for a while, so its cool. He even does the fist pump. Chad, I have a question for you. Have you ever fist pumped a random mother or father at mesh? To answer your question about fist pumping a random mamma or father, probably, but mostly I flinch them. You raise your fist and act like your gonna hit them and they flinch...that shit is funny. fans I do believe in god but only in the mornings. I have this intersteller view of a God...the almighty creator. I also have a facination about the God Of Texas. Who is the God Of Texas? I have questions in my mind about this like 3 days a week. I use to stress on it like 5 days a week, but only for a subconscience split second. I basically would like to know where the God Of Texas lives in that state. I would also like to know if the God of Texas likes younger women or cougars. See Chad, I'm very dynamic. I do believe in a main god(not just the God of Texas), but only in the mornings. You got that right, the president is black, and his lambo is blue, what cha gonna do? He decides to not answer that question and goes into this: I have a car and if I sell more vintage road bikes Ill buy a smart car and be almighty. Still gonna get with the Jessica Biel though...even though Ill be driving a smart car. Mystery from the pick up artist said I'm good for her. Cat Von D is good for nasty too.(Cory Nasty.) The God of Texas is a person that pretty much controls every thing in America. He is huge and his lambo is regular so it will fit in the gurls. All of them. No use in being a god if you can't DO IT! BTW Mick Jagger is my spirit angel. I do about 15 bong rips in the morning.(IE I don't  do any) Have you seen the movie Religulous? Haven't seen Religulous. I heard it's good. I was told to see Train Spotting recently. I wont see the Slum Dog Millionaire. I fucking won't fuckin see that shit. I have a bone to pick with bull shit movies that are boner killers. You probably own Train Spotting is it a boner killer Chad? I love the movie RocknRolla! You seen it. Get a boner till 20015...Every one maxandsketch2 Checked out your bike site, what the shit are you doing, selling bikes to DUI people? My bikes are sold to hipsters or appreciators of classic bicycles. Its my duty to combine form and the function of these beautiful steel machines. The steel relates them to BMX.... 4130 baby! s7300620 Lets talk about this God of Texas, not sure where to start. Your answers in the morning are way different that in the evenings, you all baked? I'm always baked to have the vision of total creativity. I'm basically the creator of the God Of Texas. He would have no life with out me. He use to have a part on the show Dallas. If you don't know who Larry Hangman is then I need not say more. It's OK to have the relationship with my  G-O-T ! duncan1fttable We could get into the bullshit movies thing, but what we all wanna know is what really happened with the quad truck? -------The Quad Truck----- I was sick of being beat by Niyquist at comps. I was judged shitty and I could not change the scores even though I was ousting him at some comps. I was at a comp in 2001 for the Core Tour and Ryan crashed on his last run. I had 4 perfect runs that called him out with one run having a double Bar-spin Back-flip. I was really pissed that I didn't beat him at that comp. I knew that I won the comp, but I could not control the judges. (SNUTS Fudger's they are!) I realized that I could control some things... At this point I realized that I was born risk taker. I accepted my fate and focused more on my art (BMX). That night I came back to the OC and smoked a blunt with a Shawn Butler and talked about my dilemma. Butler said don't worry Duncan just ride and then get tested if you are worried about diseases. This talk with Butler was very comforting and helped me feel the focus of what I had to do. The next day I went to Sheep Hills with a sub conscientiously planned mission to DO IT! I wasn't aware that I was gonna do a quad truck. There happened to be cameras there and I knew that I wanted exhibit the skill of a LION. Lions fuck and eat every thing too. I wanted the word of the Quad Truck to find it's way to Nyquist. I wanted him to know that he needs to recognize I did it first Motha Fucka ! I was motivated by the threat of aids death with the focus of the LION. (BEST COMBO) I did the Quad truck to feel better about how bad life sucked at that time. Surival update....I now give blood with no problems. see attached scan.(I made it) i-made-it I have a boner right now, what should i do? Jerk it....(Dirty clothing is the way.) Here is a how to, not sure if its how to run your post as high as Jody Donnely or how to do a sketchy roll back, check out the stem... This video needs to be watched a few times to really appreciate the genious. Here Chris doing a one man school show, "you need to play less video games", he gives out his phone # and email if you want him to perform at your kids birthday party. Hit him up. This one is an interview in Props, the girls he is with look to be at least 12 years old.

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