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Keeping fresh posts is going down the tubes, maybe instagram, twitter, and our facebook are better? Sorry about that. AND I still have yet to load the Japan pics with some wild Taiwan ones to help. More apologies. But I promise you this is gonna be bangin.  Expect big things coming from him for sure. Global Flat has a link to the COB, if you missed it you can still watch it and get excited cause it was incredible. Then VitalBMX allowed me to answer questions with no filter, if you got in I thank you, if you snoozed you loozed. Featured bike sets up are starting to come in, thanks.  Taylor Bonds tears it up and congrats to the family for a new baby brother. Tom's LIFTED tee was spoiled and now you can see it but we have yet to make it...soon. Try shooting pics of flatland? James Covington hits a mother out of the park with the CHAD D favorite pic on home turf. Mat Olson checked in at the Wade compound and some other traveling pics care of the Pusher trip. Midway is doing a jimmy jam so bike that ham. Nora cup pics and story coming soon, but for now the HARO legends pic. Lastly Kerry Gatt interview is a good read and fresh back from COB in Japan. Moments of Zen are horrible this post, sorry. -Chad D
      Couple links below if you care to know, Japan is doing some good things and Chad D gets asked some banger questions...,24/Chad-Degroot-9-17-9-21,1272317     Anthony's whip, so clean, so smooth, so fresh...send in your pics if you want featured...gotta be clean though.     Taylor Bonds "A few days at camp Woodward West. An original street rider with a ton of style and no brakes. " Artist: Gang Starr Song: Rite Where You Stand Chad D doing the scoot around the bars thing. Pic by James Covington. Not a bad first try at flatland photography, good job bubs. Mat  Olson wildness on the Pusher trip pic by: Dustin Millard   Mat Olson at Texas Wade compound pic by: Travis Kincaid Full run down of Nora cup coming soon. Enjoy the pics. Coplon tire slizzzzz id Matt in England on his Glory Jeff K is throwing this sucka at Midway, go get some bmx and take pics and send them to us. Thanks. KERRY GATT on lil interview and some dope pics...make sure and check this son. Don't be scared of our Instagram Decobmx09, twitter, and facebook. Get social sucka. Your moments of ZEN Have a bike set up, lighter pic, funny, not so funny, Deco related, non related anything send them our way...we love to laugh and know what your all up to... Thanks for the support. Shocka.    

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