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Not a drop spilled. This week was so good. New 5 panel hats or DAD or CAMP style as well as classic truckers in the mix. Pick up at your favorite shop or on our SHOP. Check out the colors and styles below. Finally at a loss for our moment of zen so anyone can help out and send over a pic and thanks. Last month was sweet and our Youtube channel Decobmx09 shows a new one. Alejandro on fire with new combos. Mat Olson and nothing at a halftime show for the raiders Football...sports sports sports.  Noyer always great pics. Coplon on that tripod tip. Big things like this Saturday at Mr. B's the new Props 79 premiere. And scroll down for other events and shouts to Tangent jam bubs to killing it and so many cool comments from the playas who attended. Thanks and stay safe. -Chad D Start Decobmx09 YouTube channel...get on it bubs and subscribe. @matuptobat did nothing today at the Raiders game. #raidernation #halftime#bmxprostrickteam #bmx #oaklandraiders#california #20inches2freedom #ridetolive#livetoride #showlife #nfl #decobmx#matknowsdeco #profileracing #pusherbmx thomasnoyerOne from the sesh last sunday with the #Toulouse crew and @dezmaarsen! Pic by @maxcassagne matt_coplonUnexpected break on Saturday in between trapping feral cats. A little bit of temporarily added garbage and a reprieve from the rain resurrected this old spot. Screen shot care of my dilapidated Tripod. Upcoming events:
InstaVids for this week:
Moment of ZEN:

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