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WOW where do I begin? Gotta start somewhere so I guess with a custom deco frame and Matt Coplon. Moving onto Hiroshi and an edit is he real pumped on for good reason. Matt Closson and Blntd video is premiering at Nora cup, his section is going to be nuts. Coplon early mornings. Mannie and TA? Tang Meng checking in from Japan. Chad D on Fat Tonys podcast...sit back and learn something. Cycle Circus. And the crackpacker. -Chad D

Matt Coplon and His Custom Bike

There is a lot going on here, so sit back, take it all in, and imagine this as your whip. We will be doing some custom one offs soon with two in the works right now. One similar to Matt's and one for flatland. These will not be mass produced, very limited almost art. Click the link below and prepare to be blown away...,46040/Matt-Coplon-and-His-Custom-Bike,130541/Karl-Poynter,55711 Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 4.44.45 PMFullSizeRender


HIROSHI IS A HUGE PART OF THE JAPANESE SCENE AND WITH HIS CLOTHING BRAND 430, RIDING FLATLAND, AND MULTIPLE SHOPS AROUND JAPAN HE IS A BUSY MAN. CHECK HIM OUT HERE WITH SOME QUICK SWITCHES AND LOOKING SMOOTH. SWEATING IT UP WITH A SWEET NIGHT SESSION. ALSO FOLLOW HIM HERE: Instagram @HIROSHI430 WWW.T430.COM #hiroshiknowsdeco #decobmx #decojapan #decosuccubuslite #flatland Given that we announced that we’ll be premiering BLNTD ATHLTCS new DVD, Forever Rolling, at NORA Cup next month, I figured it would be a good time to re-up their original trailer. Squads are what it’s all about and this one rolls heavy with full sections from people at the top of their game, underrated killers, and dudes making their way up. Super excited to see this video drop at NORA… Check the flier at the bottom if you need more info. “We have been working on our first full length DVD “Forever Rolling” for quite sometime now, Here is the the first trailer we are dropping in the mean time of filming. Full sections from Tammy Mccarley,Matty Nothnagle,Clay Johnson,Robbie Owen, Matt Closson,Aaron Maxwell and Lahsaan Kobza. Also featuring friend’s section and crash section expect to see this full length DVD this spring. video credit – Tammy Mccarley, Lahsaan Kobza,” Read more at BLNTD ATHLTCS - Forever Rolling - Trailer 1 from Blunted Athletics on Vimeo. MATT COPLON Been waiting ever so patiently for this place to move locations. About 2 weeks ago this gas station became a ghost town. Not the most prime run up, but thanks to a little motivation from the crew this morning, I had at it. Thanks as always to @scgsteve for his camera work. Good times in Tampa. @profile_racing #profileracing @decobmx #decobmx IMG_5560

Check out "What up Terry Adams and Mannie   Nogueira"  split interview and what they are up to HERE. Posted up earlier this week an interview with both, pics, and video of both...check it.

Here are a few more fine DecoBMX parts both Mannie and TA proudly ride: PC-Carbon-fiber-pedals-BlackBlack-gripsNew-H-s2135mm-seatpost-2Deco.-Black-Denim-seat-542x300Deco.-Mid-BB-19mm-Black1-436x300 To buy these products and more click the buy now tab tab below. Thank you. TANG MENG with a cross arm mid switch on the front wheel in classic style and a nose whip on some banks that look incredible. Follow him @tang_meng #bmx #DecoBMX #DecoJapan #flatland pics by: Zanbu and Shimpei Hanawa Also check out his profile here Tang Meng side photo by ZanbuTang Meng nose whip photo by Zanbu

Ep. 30 – Chad DeGroot Interview – Turn Your Passions Into Your Career: Combining BMX Riding with Entrepreneurship

My guest today is one of the most influential BMX riders of all time and entrepreneur extraordinaire Chad DeGroot. He is one of those people who has had so much going on for so long that picking and choosing what to cover in a one hour interview was super difficult. – Download This Episode From iTunes – On the entrepreneurial side, he’s owned two different skateparks that had a huge impact on the BMX scene in Florida. He’s put on numerous events and competitions, and currently owns a BMX company and bike shop. On top of all that, he is a husband and father of two kids. The list goes on and on. If you’re a fan of BMX, you definitely do not want to miss this episode, and if you’re not into BMX, I think you’ll still get plenty out of it, so check it out! Chad-DeGroot-BMX-600x400 Robert Routley is going to be in the north east doing some demos...looks pretty exciting. Will get you more info and stops and dates once I can ...for now here is a flyer and the site check out that Great Gatsby Yellow self titled frame he is on. image1  
 MANNIE NOGUEIRO had his brother @nicknogueiraphotos shoot this pic and he called it "Copley Square Boston" getting his back wheel on. He will be at Real City Spin this weekend with his dad to check it out before he gets on the Boats n Hos.

Chad DeGroot no hands crackpacker 

You don't see this style of a "crackpacker" much anymore. My seat is way lower than it has been in the past so now I have to full on pinch my top tube of my frame to be able to hold this no handed. Still working on this in circles and its happening. Check out this quick link I got today and check out the Full video including ride out and more DecoBMX09 Youtube channel -Chad DeGroot @chaddegroot @profile_racing #DecoBMX #bmx #flatland #bmxisfun
Chad D no hand crack
Interested in BMX tubing and termonology? BMX UNION did a great job explaining everything...take a look and read HERE. 
Here is the newest Profile Racing ad featuring Chad D and the Z coaster


11755783_10153069853709142_830905885602637629_nHIGHLANDWNY BMX FLYER.psdIMG_9877bacojam2015   InstaVids of for this week:

MATT CLOSSON New #5forthegram GETTING LOOSE on that @subrosabrand rail #bmx @mattclosson #DecoBMX

A video posted by DecoBMX (@decobmx) on

www.decobmx.comDECObrandofyear2014 decobridge-2

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