Deco BMX, Mat Hoffman, Valleyside, Mat Olson flairs, TBR, Chad DeGroot, Save the Casselberry Trails, recap of 2011

Thanks to everyone for an amazing 2011 for Deco., were doing big things next year so look the hell out for us. Hit us, were everywhere. Drop bombs, dig dirt, lift a skirt...Holla days are here. The first pic below is a 2011 recap banner image, we were going to make a huge collage but this seems a little better. The video is Mat Hoffman and our crew talking about the Agro Circus and setting up the show. Valleyside Distro is taking this ad out in Ride UK. Mat Olson Flair session. TBR interview with Chad DeGroot. Save the Casselberry trails. Lastly the 12 months of 2011 recap of the best posts for your eyes only.Were getting better at this banner ads. Send us some funny or cool pics and you to could be on the next one for 2012. When asked to set up the Mat Hoffman show, I said "Hell yes". Only weird thing is starring in the show one year and being the janitor now. I really don't care, it was fun, insanely interesting setting up the globe of death, and a challenge with Mat's big ass vert ramp. We did have the chance to take some breaks and hit up the roller coasters. If your in the Orlando area go check out the good. Valleyside is going big with ads in a few publications, thanks guys. Lets get Deco. in the UK. Mat Olson does some pretty wild flairs. He even threw a turndown version at the Kona comp. Here is a phone pic and the skatepark. Stuntman style. Chad was asked a few questions for the TBR site. Don't know what that is, more reason to click below and check it out. The Casselberry trails have been threatened again, this time were all pitching in to save them with the help of keg beer and the local track. Go get your dirt on and support the trails scene. Fun with tires. Click to enlarge, takin it back a few years. Check the shoes. Here is my top 12 posts for 2011. WOW. 1- 2- 3- 4-   6- 7- 8-   10- 11- 12- 13-   Woops, so there was 14 total. Oh well. Also hit up our videos of 2011 and pics.

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