Deco brander, crooked world, chowder spoon, fall edit, banned

The Deco brander has been getting a ton of coverage lately and with its first branding on human skin, its off to the races leaving the mark everywhere. Deco goods are all over and ready to make humans happy, so check your local shop and support the good stuff. Mat Olson has been doing school shows and clocking some clips in between so check his edit. Banned in the backyard, DANG. Quick vid up now and pics coming soon. Have a safe weekend everyone and remember BMX is good. -Chad D

Big dave no flinch took it like a man at Banned. Branded #1.

      If you don't know now you will once you click on THIS 15% off your whole order son make sure to type in the code WERECRAZY15 at checkout APPLY code Deco. frame in that big ass chowder spoon Ohh its a shocka big Deco. hand tat  ya ya Banned in the Backyard has a monster truck jump. Here is the flyer again. Over 500 people were there to support BMX and the Banned crew. More pics coming soon. The DECO brander is doing some work. Tremaine Stewart toof hang for his clothing sponsor FLORIDA BMX SKATEPARK SERIES CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO Mat Olson Fall edit. Not holding back at all. Good to see curved ledges and 270 to pegs. Getting tech and the hurricanes are dope to. Holla. SPOT ROAST REMINDER This is from Chad's facebook, if you were there you knew, if not, you missed it. Moments of Zen  

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