Deco. sponsoring Hardcore Sportz street jam

I went on a trip a few years back to Tallahassee to film and ride with some friends. We all were having a great time till one day I went into the bathroom at the hotel we were at and there it was. Excessive amounts of toilet paper perfectly forming what birds do to make a NEST. Making a nest should be familiar to most people who travel. I have done them here and there. But this was a first. A nest in our very own hotel room. Come on. Who did it? Who did it? No one fessed up. It came down to either Tony Malouf or Karl. Then Tony was ruled out. So who does that leave you with? You do the math. To this day, he still won't admit guilt for the now famous NEST. Its time to come clean Karl. So if your at this jam he is holding and Deco. is sponsoring, ask him why. Hardcore Sportz is an authorized Deco. dealer. Holla. HS(JAM)flyer HS(JAM)flyer

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