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#decoshocka is exploding around the world son. Get on that trending tip and forget the politics and reality. Shred your head and make that hair turn into words. Mat Olson lays some words about his trip to and from Texas Toast and his rebel run. Post game final of COB edit you might want to crack one back for. Coplon is everywhere son. Chad and Kerry models? check their steeze and hit up the 430 site to see how legit these threads are...japan is killing it #decojapanshocka. Hiroshi and the SOFT SEAT. Tremaine rolling dubs edit. Profile in Tulsa, Wade compound, then Toast. Taylor stop texting. Eugene Lewis 180 whip on some euro thang. FART BURP FART. There you go now lets disco. -Chad D
Our NEW order will be here this week with new pc pedals with 9 removable metal pins, black headsets, spokes, FAT black seats, and Red/Black swirl grips. Ask your local retailer or hit us up and we will make it happen.. Mike Nicholson getting hair happy. Thanks man, little shaky but I'm sure you were a lil buzzed. Get a tat then it's really legit. Mat at Texass toast signing everthing and wearing the Deco. banner...this is gangsta. Mat had this to say about his trip and what happened @texastoast
What an awesome event. Texas toast fits every style of rider. Flat contest was amazing to watch. Got to see some of the homies throwing it down. The street course was pretty wild. Some amazing things went down. Personally, I favored the dirt. Such a creative and fun course. There were 70 of the best in the world competing. Getting to ride with dudes like Nyquist, Foster, Bohan, Ennerson, Porzio, Mullville... The list goes on. I saw Matt Hoffman, Van Homan, Jesus, everybody was there. Shit was going off. I got to meet up and chill with Tom V. Always good to see him. Putting it down for deco! #lifted  I plan on making it out to Cali soon. Holla The first day things were a little wet with rain coming through every now and then. As the day went on the trails got better and faster. Qualifying was rad. I got to rebel run it in James p. Nutter's place. Qualifying was full weeks ahead of the actual contest. I had to scramble last minute just to find a replacement rider for shows. I didn't even think I was going to be able to attend. Needless to say, just to go and check out the scene was a treat. I appreciate those guys letting me rebel run the qualifiers. Big shout out to Taj and everyone involved for creating such a fun event. Thanks. The Brian Foster documentary was sooo good. I always knew he had an amazing influence and was a AA pro, but getting to see all of his accomplishments and accolades throughout his career as a rider... Well just bad ass. Finals went down as expected. Nuts. 70 riders cut down to 16. I would hate to be a judge. Every style and a million tricks, I wouldn't even know where to start. Morgan Wade accomplished the impossible, The gauntlet of death. One of the craziest courses I have ever seen. Guaranteed to walk away with a scab or two. Overall the party scene, the riding, the friends, Austin has it going on. -Mat Olson
Deco. was represented well in Japan for the COB with Kerry Gatt as a rider, Chad DeGroot as judge, Hiroshi organizer, Uchi rocking the seat and post, and even Mathias at the last minute throwing on a set of grips. Deco. represent. Check this great work from FlatWebTV to get insight from the likes of Viki Gomez, Scott O’Brien, Mike S, Dez Maarsen, Moto Sasaki, Jean William Prevost, Kerry Gatt and myself on the Red Bull Circle of balance event, this is a must watch! RedBull COB Post Game Final2 from Everyday Paradise on Vimeo.
"Matt Coplon really does it all when comes to working in the BMX industry! He handles numerous duties like sales, team management, marketing, etc. for Profile Racing. He writes & shoots photos for a variety of BMX media sites and most importantly he still rides his bike on a regular basis! The dude is honestly one of the coolest individuals involved in the BMX Industry!"-Filmed by Brett Rohlfing
Matt Coplon - Seven & Seven from wehavemotive.com on Vimeo. Chad and Kerry were caught off guard one morning in Japan and the 430 crew did a full on photo shoot in the alley near the hotel. Pics are looking great and can't wait to see the catalog from Decade and 430 Japan. Models and shit. Hiroshi rocking the soft seat, he knows what its like to be a pimp, watch his step. Don't see it and you say "I WANT THAT"? Tremaine rollin dubs with his dude Edy, straight doubles routine in Littleton Coloradeco... https://vimeo.com/51110251 Tremaine Stewart & Edy Ramirez For Pusher Bmx from Justin B on Vimeo. Coplon table and a tuck on the road somewhere near Tulsa and on his way to Texass sass. Its time to shine in Philly, make it to this one... Coplon and Meister sesh. While on the trip in Tulsa to Texas Toast they had more than a few spots they hit up. Matt roasting and tucking that wall ride. Mike tire sliding properly, one in tulsa and one at the Wade compound...get some, yum yum. Check the bike check with Ucchi and  supporting the Slim seat and piv post all by DECO. Taylor Bonds stopped texting for a minute to suck a deco lighter, proper toofless style. Eugene Lewis 180 whip on some euro thang. Mat has a new cape. Texas Toast style FART. Here are your moments of ZEN

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