Do you want the skatepark of Longwood to happen?

After a lot of phone calls, petitions, and numerous attempts to contact the city. They have recognized the need to finish the skatepark they set out to do. With budget cuts and changes to the city, they are still considering the Reider Park for a skatepark, the park behind South Seminole Hospital on 434. The Meeting is set to be public this Monday the 21st at 7pm at City Hall located at 175 W. Warren Ave. in Longwood. I have written the proposal and will be speaking in front of the city council pertaining to the skatepark. The city already has pre-fab ramps in storage that were bought a few years ago for the intent of a FREE skatepark in Reiter Park. This is the start of something that will give everyone a safe place to ride What I ask of you is: You don't have to attend, they only listen to a few people then move on. But if you have any high up officials or police officers that would say a few words about how important a skatepark is for our community, please email me or call so I can put their names and a few words into my speech. Feel free to stand up if  you want, but we don't want to take the whole night by telling the city how and why we need a skatepark. That is why I am volunteering to be the spokesman for the night. We need to keep it clean and simple and apply pressure. We are still doing donations at the shop. Please show your support and tell others where to donate. Here is my email and the shop phone number: 407-790-4964 Thanks, Chad DeGroot

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